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Illustrative examples of how Google's remedies could look on the Web on a phone

Google's secret proposals leaked as dismay over EU antitrust inquiry grows

Despite the threat of sanctions, at least one of Google’s rivals has leaked the search giant’s full proposals that seek to avoid an antitrust fine from European authorities.

EU Council chief did not use Russian USB stick given to summit leaders

Media reports Tuesday allege that President Herman Van Rompuy found the suspicious device in a gift bag from the G20 Summit in early September.


Data privacy concerns could derail EU-US trade talks

Europe’s Justice Commissioner warned Tuesday that data privacy concerns could derail a major E.U.-U.S. trade deal.

Google's European antitrust remedies don't cover searches

Google’s new remedies aimed at avoiding a fine from the European Commission for allegedly breaking competition rules do not include the domain.

Google's rivals to review new concessions in EU antitrust case

Google’s rivals have been given another opportunity to review the search giant’s latest proposed measures aimed at avoiding a fine from the European Commission for allegedly breaking competition rules.

EU Parliament says other countries spy, but not as much as the UK or US

Four out of five European Union member states surveyed carry out wide-scale telecommunications surveillance, according to a report from the European Parliament's research department.

European Union (EU)

EU leaders: Data protection essential to digital economy

European Union leaders have given themselves wiggle room in implementing new data protection laws, while pledging to introduce them in a “timely” fashion.

Merkel puts NSA spying on EU leaders' agenda

Leaked documents showing the draft conclusions of the summit do not include any mention of NSA, spying, or mass surveillance. But Merkel's comments may change that.

EU Parliament votes to suspend data sharing deal with US due to Snowden allegations

The European Parliament voted on Wednesday to suspend a major data sharing agreement with the United States following the ongoing scandal over alleged National Security Agency surveillance.

European Union (EU)

EU leaders consider tougher taxation of online service providers

European Union leaders will meet to discuss the digital economy for the first time on Thursday.

European Union (EU)

European Parliament votes to permit pseudonymous data profiling

The European Parliament's civil liberties committee wants to allow profiling of "pseudonymous" data, but digital rights groups say that safeguards to protect data are not sufficient.

European Commission opens comment period on Samsung's proposed patent remedies

Interested parties, including Apple, may comment on a proposal from Samsung to refrain from seeking injunctions for five years against any company that agrees to a licensing framework regarding mobile standard essential patents in Europe.

EU politicians clash over copyright levies

A European politician has called proposals to place copyright levies on cloud computing services a complete disaster.

EU court holds news website liable for readers' comments

Seven top E.U. judges ruled Thursday that a leading Internet news website was legally responsible for offensive views posted by readers in the comments section.

EU agrees in principle to new data-protection oversight

Under a proposed rule, when personal data is processed by a company in more than one member state, one single supervisory authority should be responsible for monitoring the activity.