Jeremy KirkAustralia correspondent, IDG News Service


'Selfish miner' attack could devastate Bitcoin

Bitcoin is vulnerable to an attack that could have devastating effects on the virtual currency, but it can be fixed with a software update, according to researchers from Cornell University.

Liberty Reserve

Virtual currency Liberty Reserve co-founder pleads guilty to money laundering

The co-founder of Liberty Reserve, a now defunct virtual currency that was widely favored by the criminal underground, pleaded guilty on Thursday to money laundering and other charges.

Silent Circle, Lavabit unite for 'Dark Mail' encrypted email project

Dark Mail will provide end-to-end encryption, including email metadata.

Google shuttles DNS queries from Brazil back to US

Google said the shift is not connected to proposed legislation in Brazil that would mandate user data be held locally.

Mozilla patches several critical Firefox security holes

Mozilla released 10 patches for three versions of its Firefox browser on Tuesday, five of which are considered critical and could be used to remotely install malicious code.


MongoDB support firm says intruders may have accessed databases

If you use the open-source Mongo database, be aware that its hosting/support arm has been compromised by attackers.

British man charged with hacking NASA and US military computers

The Briton allegedly worked with others in Australia and Sweden to plant backdoors and steal confidential data.


ATM malware may spread from Mexico to English-speaking world

A malicious software program found in ATMs in Mexico has been improved and translated into English, which suggests it may be used elsewhere, according to security vendor Symantec.

buffer logo

Buffer encrypts access tokens after spammer hack

Buffer, a service for scheduling social media posts, said Sunday it has strengthened its security after spammers gained access to its network.

Eastern Europeans sought in online marketplace fraud scheme

Six Eastern European men have been accused by U.S. prosecutors for allegedly netting up to $3 million by placing fraudulent advertisements for vehicles, motorcycles and boats on major online marketplaces.

EFF: Lavabit encryption key ruling threatens Internet privacy

Asking for private SSL keys could hurt the US economy and cause service providers to move to other legal jurisdictions, digital rights watchdog Electronic Frontier Foundation argued in a legal brief.

NEC account manager charged in Cisco replacement parts fraud

A 40-year-old NEC account manager has been charged with mail fraud for allegedly obtaining replacement networking parts from Cisco using bogus names, the U.S. Department of Justice said Wednesday.

Goldman Sachs must pay software coder's legal fees, court rules

Goldman Sachs must pay the legal fees of a software engineer facing New York state charges that he allegedly stole the firm's proprietary source code, a federal judge ruled.

Network Solutions reports more DNS problems

The latest Domain Name System problem comes two weeks after a pro-Palestinian hacking group redirected websites belonging to several companies whose records were held by Network Solutions,

Google offers hacking defenses to human rights, elections websites

Google is lending its vast infrastructure to websites that may be targeted by distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks because of their content.