Psystar Files Amended Complaint Against Apple

Mac clone-maker Psystar on Thursday filed an amended complaint against Apple, arguing that Apple is misusing copyright by...

Shenandoah University Chooses Eco-friendly MacBook

Shenandoah University has chosen Apple's environmentally-friendly MacBook computer and the iPod touch as the foundation for...

IShred Turns Your IPhone Into a Guitar

If you combine a cool guitar app for the iPhone with the ability to play Ozzy Osbourne, you'll get my attention. Frontier...


Nova Media Releases 3G Hardware Development Kit

Nova Media on Thursday released a hardware development kit for 3G devices. The hardware kit allows developers to simulate 3G...


Logic, GarageBand Users Represent at the Grammys

Users of Apple's music creation software were out in full force during the 51st annual Grammy Awards held last Sunday night in...


DrumCore 3 Announced for Q2

Submersible Music said the latest version of its drum sampling application, DrumCore will be available in the second quarter...


IZoptope Ships Ozone 4 Audio Mastering Suite

Audio software-maker, iZoptope, on Wednesday began shipping its mastering suite audio plug-in, Ozone 4.


App Store Tally: 20,000 Apps in Seven Months

iPhone and iPod touch users looking to download software from Apple's App Store now have 20,000 programs to choose from.

Bandmateloops Release Four LoopCache Collections

Bandmateloops on Tuesday released four new music collections from LoopCache.


Audio Hijack Pro Update Fixes Crashes

Macintosh software company Rogue Amoeba on Monday released an update for Audio Hijack Pro, the company's application for...


Miking Drums, Amps, and Recording to the Mac

We often give musicians sole credit as the artists behind the music we like listening to, but the truth is, they're just a...

DesignProVideo Releases Flash, Illustrator Tutorials

DesignProVideo on Monday released two new video tutorials targeted to the creative professional.

German Company Sells Mac Clones in Europe

German-based PearC is selling Intel-based Mac clones to customers in Europe. PearC follows American company Psystar that is...

Attention, IPhoto ’09: I Am Not Steve Jobs

There's a lot to love about Faces, the new face-detection and -recognition feature that highlights iPhoto '09. Certainly, it's...

Apple Delays Shipment of 17-inch MacBook Pro

Apple planned to ship the 17-inch MacBook Pro by the end of January, but the notebook's release has been delayed. The company...