Big Fish Audio Releases Funk, Drums and Bass Loops

Music loop specialist, Big Fish Audio, released two new collections of music loops for Mac using musicians.


Apple Updates GarageBand '09

Apple on Tuesday released an update for the newest release of its consumer-level music creation application, GarageBand '09.


ITunes Store Getting an Early Jump on Valentine's Day

It's February, and you know what that means, right? No, Groundhog Day is over. No, not Flag Day in Canada (but thanks for...

Apple Faces Two More IPhone 3G Speed Lawsuits

Apple and AT&T Mobility are facing two new lawsuits claiming the speed and infrastructure of the 3G network is...


Captain FTP 6 Released

Captain FTP received a major upgrade to version 6 this week, adding many new features and fixing some bugs for Leopard users.

OmniGraffle Update Fixes Memory Leak

The Omni Group updated its flow charting application, OmniGraffle, fixing a bug and updating localizations.

Big Fish Audio Releases Ambient Works Audio Loops

Big Fish Audio released a new collection of loops, called Ambient Works, that the company says is targeted to people that make...

GarageBand '09 a Boon for Guitar Players

I use GarageBand quite a bit, and like most people, I'm drawn to its ease of use. However, until now GarageBand's guitar rigs...

Illustrator, Pro Tools, MainStage Video Tutorials out and its Adobe-focused sister company have released several new video tutorials on...

QuickTime Broadcaster Update Improves Synchronization

Apple on Tuesday released an update for QuickTime Broadcaster, the company's live encoding software.


Apple Releases IDVD 7.0.3

Apple on Monday updated its consumer level DVD creation application, iDVD.

Apple Updates ILife Media Browser

Apple on Monday released an update for its iLife Media Browser. The media browser is the portion of iLife that allows users to...

Apple Releases IPhone Software 2.2.1

Apple on Tuesday released a software update for its iPhone and iPhone 3G devices.

SpamSieve Updates Improves Memory Usage

Popular Spam filtering application, SpamSieve, was updated on Monday fixing several issues.

Apple to Ship ILife ‘09 January 27

Announced at Macworld Expo earlier this month, Apple on Monday announced that that iLife '09 would ship on January 27.