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Jim Duffy has been covering technology for over 28 years, 23 at Network World. He covers enterprise networking infrastructure, including routers and switches. He also writes The Cisco Connection blog and can be reached on Twitter @Jim_Duffy and at jduffy@nww.com.Google+

Internet of Things leads Cisco forecast, priorities for 2014

Cisco executives' crystal ball predicts real-time communication on the Web, the Internet of Things, and other networking advances.

open compute project

Facebook tests switch specs for Open Compute Project

The Open Compute Project this week announced that it is considering four contributions for development of an open, operating system-agnostic data center switch it announced six months ago.

John Chambers Cisco

Facebook's Open Compute network is limited, Cisco says

Facebook's Open Compute project, which is working on open source servers and switches, will be limited by "weaknesses" in scope that Cisco can exploit, CEO John Chambers said this week.

Start-up readies network-optimized Linux for data centers

Start-up Cumulus Networks this week has emerged with a Linux network operating system designed for programmable data centers like the ones Google and Facebook are building.

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SDNs aren't just for data center networks

Google is using OpenFlow to interconnect data center over a WAN, and startup Glue Networks is targeting Cisco's installed base of WAN routers as a sweet spot for its SDN WAN offerings.

Juniper to unveil new advanced switch, promises networking improvements

SDNs are a way to make networks more programmable through software so that they can be reconfigured quickly and functionally extended more easily.

13 events that defined Cisco in 2012

From software-defined networking challenges to killing Cius and corporate restricting moves, it was a busy year for Cisco.

Internet pioneer Dr. Leonard Kleinrock is still pushing emerging technologies

It's not hard to find Internet pioneer Dr. Leonard Kleinrock -- he's been at UCLA for 50 years, since 1963.