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Review: Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon will win your heart, offer it as a dragon snack

In story, mechanics, and campy comedy, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon a lesson on DLC done right. It puts a new spin on the tried-and-true gameplay, but switches up the setting and adds hilarity.

Review: Connectify Dispatch combines network adapters to increase speed and reliability

Connectify Dispatch makes the most of nearby WiFi, but be prepared to make the investment.

Review: Disc Soft takes on virtual hard drives with Daemon Tools Ultra

Daemon Tools Ultra does a fair job expanding the functionality of Disc Soft's flagship product, but the high price and sleazy installation antics don't do it any favors.

Review: FatBatt keeps you off the grid longer, for a fee

FatBatt impresses with personality and a smart, slick interface…but other packages do more for less. The clever company that makes this software is one to watch.

Review: Futuremark looks beyond the PC with new 3DMark

3DMark returns to form with slick new tests, beautiful demo modes and promised cross-platform support, but loses a bit of depth along the way.

Review: Unigine's Valley benchmark gives you room to roam

The latest benchmark from Unigine, Valley, has a Skyrim-sized sandbox. It's benchmarking you might run just for fun.

Supercharge your laptop with 6 powerful utilities

No laptop load-out is complete without these handy software tools for expanding screen real estate, collecting battery data, creating hotspots, and more.

Review: Razer Game Booster shuts down processes that distract your PC from your game

Iobit's Razer Game Booster examines your operating environment and selectively shuts down services and programs not directly related to the game you're playing. The result is a noticeable increase in responsiveness and framerate performance.

Review: Connectify Hotspot turns your laptop into a hotspot

Connectify Hotspot provides the tools to act as a software router between whatever internet connection you provide and the other computers connected to your laptop.

Review: Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition serves up the classic RPG better, and worse, than you remember

High-res graphics and repaired mechanics bring the classic Baldur's Gate to a new audience. Although the original still works with mods, buying this Enhanced Edition may be your ticket to getting new Baldur's Gate games made.

Review: Daemon Tools USB lets you access and share your remote USB devices

DT Soft steps outside the emulation business with this USB sharing utility, but Daemon Tools USB doesn't provide much for the money that Windows can't do on its own.

Review: Shatter combines bullet hell with brick-breaking heaven

Taking a turn on the brick breaking chain gang, Sidhe has produced a near-classic with Shatter. Just don't expect the experience to last long or change much.

Android 101: Messages, Voice, Hangouts, and Talk

Your complete guide to using Messages, Google Voice, Hangouts, and Google Talk on Android.

Starter apps for your new Android phone

Unwrapped a shiny new Android phone under the tree this year? Here are some apps to make the most out of your new phone.

Review: Orcs Must Die! tower defense game delivers fun on a budget

Tower defense gets new twists and excitement with the first Orcs Must Die game. It's a bargain at $10—and if you like it, you might like its sequel, too.