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Defy Gravity in "Survival Racer" Game Nitronic Rush

Satisfy your need for speed with the futuristic Nitronic Rush racing game.

AIDA64 Extreme Edition Has an Extremely Large Variety of Benchmarks

AIDA64 sleuths your system's secrets … for a price.

Let Audiobooks.com Read You Some Books

Audiobooks.com is Netflix for book lovers.

UFO: Alien Invasion Scratches the X-COM Itch

Save the earth for free with UFO: Alien Invasion.

Free and Cheap Software for Benchmarking Like a Pro

Gaming rigs and data-crunching workhorses alike need to be in top condition. Find out how your computer performs on intense, system-slamming tasks with these benchmarking programs.

Free Alien Swarm Game Is So Much Fun, It's Almost Unreal (Tournament)

Put your wallet away. This Alien Swarm is on me.

Revisit the Joys of Amiga--But Not the Frustration--With WinUAE

Miss those old Amiga classics? WinUAE brings them back to life, pain-free.

Free Plex Media Server Offers a Streamlined Experience

Turn your home PC into a streaming media center with Plex.

Relive a Gaming Classic With Dungeon Master Java

Before I took an arrow to the knee, I was a Dungeon Master.

Fraps: Real-World Gaming Benchmark

Why go with synthetic benchmarks when Fraps can give you real-world results?

Unigine Heaven DX11 Benchmark Is Beautiful, Free, and (to Gamers) Useful

Justify your gaming obsession with a little slice of Heaven.

MouseTracer Free Tracks Your Mouse's Movements

MouseTracer Free logs the speed and distance that your computer mouse travels.