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Dell lets managers go 'off road' with self-serve analytics

Dell is bringing analytics directly to the desktops of its managers, and saving money in the process

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Startup Altiscale offers Hadoop hosted service

Yahoo Hadoop veterans band together to offer an Hadoop-as-a-service

amd feldman 64bit

AMD debuts first ARM processor

Samples of the Opteron four- and eight-core, 64-bit A1100 Series ARM processors will ship to AMD partners this quarter.

legal gavel

Lavabit case highlights legal fuzziness around encryption rules

The now-defunct Lavabit is appealing a contempt of court ruling for not turning unencrypted data of a single user -- presumably NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden -- to the government.

Legal ruling

Lavabit to have its day in federal appeals court

The now defunct secure email service is standing up for the right to protect encrypted communications.

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HP envisions the holistic data center

Hewlett-Packard wants to help organizations save money by helping them manage their data centers

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Red Hat refreshes private cloud stacks for the enterprise

Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 4.0 features the latest version of the OpenStack cloud building software

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Hardware torpedoes IBM's Q4 revenue

Sluggish sales of IBM mainframes and other hardware put a damper on the company's latest quarterly earnings report

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Amazon moves to next-generation compute instances

AWS has also cut prices of storing data in its cloud with its EC2 and EBS services

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Oracle builds a bridge to with new adapter

The adapter allows organizations to synchronize and on-premises applications

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IBM pumps $1.2 billion into global cloud data centers

IBM will build 15 new data centers, giving the company a total of 40 around the globe for cloud services

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Microsoft expands open-source efforts in Asia

Microsoft is opening an open-source subsidiary in China

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IBM X series servers now pack Flash into speedy DIMM slots

IBM will offer X servers in both four-socket and eight-socket configurations

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Twitter now requires encrypted API communication

Third party Twitter apps must now converse with Twitter through the SSL protocol

Patch Tuesday: Fairly quiet on the Microsoft front

Security analysts advise applying critical Oracle and Adobe patches before those from Microsoft.