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Nvidia Emerald supercomputer

China continues reign with top supercomputer

China has maintained its lead in the twice-yearly ranking of the world's most powerful supercomputers, with the Chinese National University of Defense Technology's Tianhe-2 system bringing 33.86 petaflop/s (quadrillions of calculations per second) to the contest, almost twice the calculations offered by the runner up, the Titan Cray system run by the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

New AWS service AppStream offloads graphics work to the cloud

AppStream could bring advanced graphics rendering to even the smallest of portable tablets.

Amazon's new I2 instance aims for consistent high performance

SSDs offer more consistent I/O speeds than disk drives, making them the core of Amazon's new high-performance I2 instances.

Amazon offers PostgreSQL from the cloud

At its re:Invent user conference, Amazon Web Services also unveils new instances types and multizone backups for its data warehouse.

AWS: Our virtual desktop will succeed where others have stumbled

Amazon Web Services hopes that its new WorkSpace VDI service will appeal to enterprises with low cost and maintenance.

Amazon bashes private clouds, launches virtual desktops

The head of Amazon Web Services slammed IBM and launched a VDI service at this year's AWS Reinvent conference.

Microsoft preps Visual Studio for post-production duties

Microsoft has added an array of services around its Visual Studio IDE to help developers update and manage their software after it goes into production.

Google Cloud Endpoints

Google extends App Engine for mobile-app back end

Google releases Google Cloud Endpoints -- a new collection of hosted tools and libraries for ramping up and running supporting infrastructure for Android and iOS mobile apps -- that uses the tools in Google App Engine.

USENIX: Red Hat prepares for 64-bit ARM servers

Enterprise open-source software vendor Red Hat is keeping an eye on the development of 64-bit ARM processors for servers, building up expertise in case the nascent platform takes hold in the data center.

Flame Graph

Flame graph shows computer system performance in a new light

A visualization technique called a flame graph can be effective for charting how system resources such as CPUs and memory are used.

"We have to make surveillance expensive again" says Bruce Schneier

The ongoing revelations of governmental electronic spying point to a problem larger than NSA malfeasance.

Facebook goes open source with query engine for big data

Facebook wants other data-driven organizations to use, and it hopes, refine Presto, its SQL query engine.

IBM applies predictive analysis to IT operations

Turning its considerable expertise in analytics to the study of IT operations, IBM has assembled a software package to help system administrators better pinpoint potential problems and performance issues, using many of IBM's tools for business intelligence, machine learning and data mining.

Hadoop brings far-flung people together across time and space

With its powerful data mining capabilities, Hadoop is bringing together people across different places and even across different generations.

NSA's Accumulo data store has strict limits on who can see the data

One of the former National Security Agency developers behind the software explained how Accumulo works and how it could be used in fields other than intelligence gathering,