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Joan Goodchild is responsible for editorial strategy and writes frequently about security leadership, social engineering, social media security and cybercrime in her role as Editor of CSO. Her previous experience in business journalism includes roles as broadcast and web editor with the Boston Business Journal and as a news writer covering the Windows OS with TechTarget. Prior to that, she worked as a television reporter and anchor for more than a decade. Joan has a Master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.

New Spam Trick: Shortened URLs

The practice, common on microblogging sites, is also a way for spammers to trick recipients into following a link.

Simple Steps to Hack a Smartphone

You can hack a smartphone with no more information than a phone number.


Concern about Secure Disposal Hampers Green Efforts

A study finds that security worries, not environmental issues, drive e-waste disposal habits by businesses.

Spammers Play on Economic Fears

Spam offers more get-rich-quick deals and financial come-ons than ever, security vendor Symantec reports.

Three Ways Twitter Security Fails

Security experts warn of holes in the popular microblogging service.

Top 9 Dirty Tricks Scammers Use

Beware the outlandish come-ons and pick-up lines you'll encounter when criminals are on the prowl.

Five Tips for Managing Security in a Recession

In the current economic downturn, many companies are cutting costs and security expenses frequently get cut.

Study: Spam Is Getting More Malicious

Sophos study confirms that, beyond being a major annoyance, spam is even more malicious than ever.

The 4 Security Rules Employees Love to Break

Most CSOs and security managers know employees are taking risks everyday that could set their company up for a breach.

3 Ways a Twitter Hack Can Hurt You

Just days after popular social networking tool Twitter was hit was a phishing scam, the company is now trying to clean up a mess surrounding a separate hacking attack.

Three Worldwide Enterprise Threats for 2009

With financial and political volatility all over the world, what challenges pose the biggest risk to business in 2009? And what regions may be too risky?

Cyberscams Slide onto Social Networks

A warning to those who love such social media sites as Facebook: The bad guys are coming for you.

Federal Data Breach Law? No Time Soon

Since California's historic 2003 passage of a data breach law, most other states in the U.S. have followed suit.

Spam Finds New Launch Pad

Spam traffic is spiking again after a brief respite when its ISP was shuttered.

Despite Risks, Employees Still Holiday Shop at Work

As Cyber Monday approaches, research suggests a majority of workers will use their work computer to shop this holiday season. But despite the continued growth in online shopping, employees and business still don't understand the risk.