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Joan Goodchild is responsible for editorial strategy and writes frequently about security leadership, social engineering, social media security and cybercrime in her role as Editor of CSO. Her previous experience in business journalism includes roles as broadcast and web editor with the Boston Business Journal and as a news writer covering the Windows OS with TechTarget. Prior to that, she worked as a television reporter and anchor for more than a decade. Joan has a Master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.

Social Engineering: Eight Common Tactics

Stealing your company's 'hold' music, spoofing caller ID, pumping up penny stocks -- social engineers blend old and new methods to grab passwords or profits. Being aware of their tricks is the first line of defense.

Three Ways Internet Crime Has Changed

Malware and botnets and phishing, oh my! Symantec's latest report on the Internet threat landscape highlights trends in cybercrime.

Wireless Security Better, Needs Improvement

A new survey published last week by RSA concludes wireless security is improving, but too many organizations are still relying on primitive security protections when it comes to wireless networks.

Why Employees Don't Follow Security Rules

A recent survey finds employees continue to ignore security policies. (Surprise, surprise.) Here's a reminder about what often is missing in organizations that tempts workers to walk the wrong side of security law.

Inside Symantec's Security Operations Center

For Symantec clients, the Symantec Security Operations Center is the front line in the fight against network attacks. CSO toured the facility for an overview of how the services work, and for a look at some of the latest threats on the internet today.

Four Security Lessons From the World Bank Breach

The World Bank is making headlines after a disputed report claims hackers managed to access their secure network for over a year. One security pro offers takeaways that everyone can learn from the breach.

Firms Urged to Boost Web 2.0 Security

Three out of 10 businesses have experienced security breaches because of employees using social nets or other community services at work.

Office Security Risk--by Generation

Each generation of tech worker takes a different approach to security management--is yours the high-risk generation?

Sophos Warns of Facebook Malware Attack

Fake Google video link takes Facebook users to a malicious site, infecting computers.