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Joel Mathis is a regular contributor to Macworld and TechHive. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife and young son.

How to upgrade to an iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c

Depending on where you are in your upgrade cycle, getting one of the new iPhones could mean ditching your contract or paying extra money.


Feedly announces Reeder, Newsify, more as first RSS app partners

Feedly on Monday said it would provide its own API to established apps that previously used the retiring Google API as the foundation for their own offerings.


The iPad mini: 2013's next big business tool?

Portable and less pricey, Apple's little tablet still seeks its business niche—and is finding some surprising takers.


TechHive: Google Drive gets updates for iOS and Android

The revamp transforms the service’s mobile offerings into a richer, full-blown competitor to other online storage services.

Wunderkit for iPhone

This mobile productivity tool succeeds where so many rival apps fail by recognizing the realities of the workplace -- that few of us work alone and that not every task needs to be performed on an iPhone.

Tim Cook Touts Lion, Mac Sales During Apple's iPhone Event

Apple's focus may have been on the iPhone at its press event Tuesday. But Tim Cook kicked things off by talking about how Macs and the recent Mac OS X Lion update are generating big momentum for the company.


Movie Vault Now Screening Classic Flicks on IPhone

Just in time for Halloween, a new app from developer Fling Soft is making an entire library of older films available for iPhone--including the classic Night of...


PrinterPro Offers Early IPad Printing Capabilities

iPad users who can't wait until November to start printing documents from the device can get a head start with the new paid Printer Pro app from Readdle.

AT&T Targets Voters With VoterHub IPhone App

AT&T has launched a free new app designed to encourage and help voters get to the polls this midterm election season.

Political GPS for IPhone

There's a nifty idea behind Political GPS. The $1 app from Thomas Huntington lets users track members of Congress and how they vote. But the app is awkwardly...

IGovernment for IPhone

Hundreds of public relations professionals work in federal government, churning out press releases, promotional videos and photos in an attempt to procure a bit...

The IPad Is Here -- Will It Sink or Swim?

The iPad finally arrives in customers' hands on Saturday, behind a wave of hype and supported by generally favorable reviews. But can Apple duplicate the...