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Joel Mathis is a regular contributor to Macworld and TechHive. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife and young son.

Hands on with Bing's social search feature

Bing is hoping to take on search giant Google by adding new social search capabilities. Joel Mathis takes the feature out for a test spin to see what social adds to search.

Buzz Contacts for iPhone

This app takes two basic iPhone functions -- mail and texting -- and handles them better than the native solutions on your phone.

Wunderkit for iPhone

This mobile productivity tool succeeds where so many rival apps fail by recognizing the realities of the workplace -- that few of us work alone and that not every task needs to be performed on an iPhone.

Making sense of Facebook's new App Center

Announced this week, Facebook's App Center is part app store, part recommendation engine. And Joel Mathis explains how it's an extension of the company's efforts to keep you tied into the world's largest social network.

Bobsled Calling for iPhone and iPad

If you're looking for an unfussy little app to make Voice over IP calls on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, Bobsled Calling is a solid choice.

Smartr Contacts for iPhone

With its ability to aggregate contact information from multiple sources into a single list, Smartr Contacts offers a powerful address book for your iPhone or iPod touch. for iPhone

This social networking app, which aggregates location-based check-ins from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, and Google+ to let you know if friends are nearby, delivers on what it promises. But some might find the app's ability to follow strangers' check-ins to be a little off-putting.

Notes Plus for iPad

Notes Plus distinguishes itself from other iPad note-takers with a few standout features. But its steep price tag is hard to ignore as well.

Habits Pro for iPhone and iPad

There's little to recommend this habits tracker, which bogs you down into details instead of helping you meet your goals.

CaptureNotes 2 for iPad

There's a lot to like about this iPad note taker, particularly its use of flags to help you organize your notes.

TeuxDeux for iPhone

Now that Reminders comes with Apple's iOS, simple to-do list managers need to offer some sort of stand-out feature. TeuxDeux comes up short.

Notability for iPad

This iPad note-taker is so chock-full of features, it does the work of up to four other apps.

TV Forecast HD for iPad

A helpful app, this iPad offering lets you know when your favorite programs are on, via push a useful calendar view or push notifications.

Tim Cook Touts Lion, Mac Sales During Apple's iPhone Event

Apple's focus may have been on the iPhone at its press event Tuesday. But Tim Cook kicked things off by talking about how Macs and the recent Mac OS X Lion update are generating big momentum for the company.

Pear Note for iPad

Anybody who uses their iPad to jot down notes will appreciate the mobile version of this note-taking application.