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Joel Mathis is a regular contributor to Macworld and TechHive. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife and young son.

The Civil War Today for iPad

Informative and entertaining, this iPad app offers a lot for history buffs to enjoy.

Geo Walk for iPhone and iPad

Either the iPhone or iPad version of this visual fact book for kids offers an appealing interface and fun, easy to use content. But it would be nice if Geo Walk contained more of that content.

iCatcher for iPhone and iPad

For the total experience of discovering, organizing, and listening to podcasts, iCatcher is tough to top.

Google Places for iPhone

Because it draws upon the huge databases of Google itself, this location-based search app is still a great, useful tool for any iPhone user who ever leaves their own neighborhood.

Discovery Channel HD for iPad

When it comes to promoting shows on the Discovery Channel, this iPad app does the trick. But users hungering for more might be dissatisfied by Discovery Channel HD's abbreviated clips.

GTX's GPS tracking apps for iPhone

Neither of these apps for letting your family and friends know your location is flashy, but they get the job done reasonably well.

60 Minutes for iPad

The iPad version of the long-running network news program takes a no-frills approach, but if you want to watch recent segments on your tablet, it delivers exactly what you're looking for.

In The Kitchen for iPhone and iPad

Fans of The Food Network will enjoy this hybrid app, which does contain a lot of good recipes. Finding them, however, can be a bit frustrating, especially on the iPhone.

OffMaps for iPhone and iPad

This mapping app -- which puts maps onto your iOS device for those times when a network connection isn't available -- is designed as tool you'll want to have if you do a lot of traveling. But downloading and using the app requires more than a pinch of patience and preparation.