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Joel Mathis is a regular contributor to Macworld and TechHive. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife and young son.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Put a bird on it!

This week’s roundup of iOS accessories offers new-school music creation, old-school telephone handsets, and listening solutions galore.

Modest crowds greet iPad mini's release

Customers didn't show up in as great a number as they have for more recent Apple product launches, but the people waiting to get their hands on a new iPad mini are enthusiastic about the latest tablet out of Cupertino.

With iPad mini launch, what to do with your 'old' iPad?

Owners of third-generation iPads are trading in those tablets to prepare for (and pay for) Friday’s launch of both the iPad mini and the fourth-generation iPad.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Feel the power

This week's roundup of iOS accessories offers better ways to write on, power up, or type when using your iPhone or iPad.

The Week in iOS Accessories: The iPad mini arrives!

That didn’t take long. Within hours of Apple’s announcement Tuesday of the iPad mini, accessory makers began announcing products that would go perfectly with the new device.

The Week in iOS Accessories: See farther

As you’d expect, accessories for the iPhone 5 are trickling out, and this week there are couple of new products that will help your new iPhone’s camera see farther and better. But there’s also plenty of other gear for making art or listening to music on your iOS device.

Review: Use WriteUp to create Markdown text on your iPad or iPhone

WriteUp is useful and easy to use, and writers who want to compose short notes or long essays will find it nearly ideal.

The Week in iOS Accessories: New ideas for music lovers

This week’s roundup of accessories for the iPhone and iPad contains more than a few new ideas for music lovers. Who says accessories have to be boring?

The Week in iOS Apps: Albert Einstein's brain

This week’s roundup of iOS apps is all about the multimedia entertainment: We’ve got video, we’ve got music, we’ve got games, and we’ve got the brain of Albert Einstein. Really.

iOS App Review: Geo Walk HD lets kids explore the world, but with limitations

Geo Walk is best suited for young children who are just learning to read and who want to explore the world, as anybody else would rather just use a good encyclopedia.

TechHive: Google Drive gets updates for iOS and Android

The revamp transforms the service’s mobile offerings into a richer, full-blown competitor to other online storage services. goes mobile with iOS, Android apps subscribers will have an easier time accessing the streaming audiobook service on the go, thanks to Wednesday's release of a mobile version for both the iPhone and Android devices. for iPhone

It may have started out life as an Android app, but this is just about a perfect to-do manager for your iPhone.

Square's new pricing plan targets bigger businesses

Square is introducing a new flat-rate option for merchants who use its credit card-processing service, suggesting that it's growing beyond the small merchants and vendors who initially turned to Square to process payments.

Amazon Instant Video now available on iPad

The Amazon Instant Video app for iPad launched Wednesday morning; it provides a hybrid experience of a service like Netflix and the iPad’s native iTunes video store.