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John Brandon is a technology writer and car enthusiast. After leaving the corporate world in 2001, he embarked on a solo writing career and never looked back (except for that one time). He's tested thousands of products and reported on everything from 50 Cent starting a headphone company to BMW building a data center in Iceland. He lives outside of Minneapolis.

9 Unheralded Technology Innovations

Some of the indispensable technology that you use every day was so ahead of its time that it now goes largely unnoticed. Here the innovations that forever changed email, Web development, database management and other "givens" in today's tech finally get their due.

In Pictures: Mondo Data Centers

Think you have to manage a lot of IT gear? These massive facilities -- each at least 100,000 square feet and most much larger than that -- house thousands of servers and process millions of documents, images and videos every day.

Help for the Help Desk

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Standardizing the Desktop

More companies are using desktop virtualization tools to create a 'gold standard' -- one desktop version that gets pushed out to all end users.

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Some security professionals suggest a radical approach to locking down USB flash drives, but there are other, less drastic options as well.

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Blu-ray Discs are growing in popularity--but how long until streaming surpasses them?


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New Life for Old Computers

Yes, your old PC can be born again. Here are some tips and examples of creative, practical applications for aging hardware.