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Apple MacBook Pro Models Now Boast Thunderbolt 10G I/0

The newest MacBook Pro notebooks from Apple feature a new, blazingly fast 10-Gbps I/O technology and powerful multi-core processors.

Windows Phone 7 Glitch Magnified by Confusion, Inflexibility

The software glitch affecting some Windows Phone 7 is being made worse by lack of coordination, misinformation, and inflexible procedures.

First CDMA Windows Phone 7 Handset Expected This Week

The next Windows Phone 7 handset, and the first for CDMA networks, is widely expected to be available on Sprint's network on Thursday.

Blending Sun, Satellites and Cellular to Connect Remote Locales

In a lot of places, people would be happy to place a mobile voice call, let alone experience the ecstasy of an LTE wireless broadband connection.

Nokia, Microsoft both Gain -- and may Lose -- in Mobile Deal

Analysis: The potential gain in this speculated alliance lies in the still-small global smartphone market, but both firms also face downsides.

Verizon IPhone Can Suffer Signal Loss If Held in 'Death Grip'

Some reviewers and users are reporting that holding the Verizon iPhone 4 can result in the same kind of signal reduction that affected some AT&T users last year.

Hackers Free iPhones from App Store

The Chronic Dev Team releases the GreenPois0n jailbreak tool to let any Apple device running the latest iOS firmware to load apps sans App Store.

Might Nokia Adopt Windows Phone 7?

The endorsement would be a plus for Microsoft's struggling smartphone line, benefiting both mobile device vendors.

Verizon Users Flock to Forums to Address iPhone Pre-ordering Glitches

Eager Verizon customers are logging onto both Verizon's and Apple's Web sites to preorder a limited inventory of iPhone 4 smartphones. And they're posting at...

Windows Phone 7 Update Coming Feb. 7?

Copy and paste, software fixes and support for a new Qualcomm chipset and possibly some improvements in memory to make applications load faster are rumored to be in the update.

Windows Phone 7 Market Share Creeps up 2% in 2 Months

Windows Phone 7 gains in smartphone marketshare, but has a long way to go against now-dominant Android and iOS.

Microsoft Claims 2 Million Windows Phone 7 Shipments

The figure refers to firmware running the Windows Phone 7 OS, not actual handsets, Microsoft clarifies.

iPhone 4 User Sues Over Cracked Screen

An angry iPhone customer is seeking class action status in his complaint, claiming Apple knows glass has a design flaw.

Google Promises Big Changes to Spur Android App Sales

Google will introduce a range of new features around its online Android Market, including an in-app payment option and expanded carrier billing.

Google Previews Tablet-Optimized Android 3.0

Developers can begin designing and testing code for Android tablets.