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I cover wireless networking and mobile computing, especially for the enterprise; topics include (and these are specific to wireless/mobile): security, network management, mobile device management, smartphones and tablets, mobile operating systems (iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10), BYOD (bring your own device), Wi-Fi and wireless LANs (WLANs), mobile carrier services for enterprise/business customers, mobile applications including software development and HTML 5, mobile browsers, etc; primary beat companies are Apple, Microsoft for Windows Phone and tablet/mobile Windows 8, and RIM. Preferred contact mode: email.

HP Exec Hints at Larger Role for WebOS

A recent CNBC interview with an HP executive is focusing attention on the company's expected webOS device news, including a possible tablet


Survey Finds Big 2011 Surge in Business Mobile Apps

A survey of 250 IT managers finds that 9 out of 10 are planning this year to dramatically expand the number of mobile applications deployed at their companies.

1 in 4 AT&T IPhone Users Say They'll Switch to Verizon

A new ChangeWave Research survey of 4050 consumers, completed just days before Verizon announced plans to offer Apple's iPhone, reveals that the carrier will be...

Verizon Unveils 10 Mobile Devices With LTE Built-in

Verizon displays 10 new devices that will natively connect to its burgeoning LTE 4G network.

Qualcomm's Atheros Buy Is Way More Than Wi-Fi

Qualcomm's $3.1 billion buy-out of chipmaker Atheros is a move from pure-play cell phone business to "communiputing" in a highly connected world.

2011 Tech Priorities: How to Take Your Wi-Fi Network to the Next Level

With 802.11n, enterprise Wi-Fi networks are shifting from convenient to critical. Here's how to start re-thinking management of the wireless local area network.

Apple Pulls iOS Jailbreak Detection Tool

Apple quietly yanked from iOS 4.2 an API designed to reveal if the OS had been compromised and jailbroken.


Managing Smartphones Calls for New Realism and Flexibility

Companies are opting for modern mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android, instead of the traditional server-based infrastructures of RIM's BlackBerry OS and Windows Mobile.

How Secure is Windows Phone 7 App Code?

A Microsoft glitch reopens a debate


How Secure Is Windows Phone 7 App Code?

A recent Microsoft glitch made it possible for developers to bypass the Zune marketplace and download their Windows Phone 7 app of choice. Though Microsoft...

Apple Moves to Yank Counterfeit White iPhones from eBay

One listing, which took a black, used iPhone 4 and "converted" it to white, had apparently received four bids, the last reaching $560.


Smartphones, Data Hogs Causing Wireless Network Capacity Crunch

Two-thirds of wireless operators say their networks are suffering due to surging data traffic. The problems are inter-related, and operators are applying a range of solutions.

Microsoft's Plan to Spread Windows Phone 7 Apps

Microsoft's shrewd plan has apps for the most common tasks immediately available for its new Windows Phone 7 handsets.

Windows Phone 7 Apps Battle Malware

Microsoft builds in a "kill switch" to protect against WP7 malware and offending apps.

White iPhone 4 Seen in the Wild

Boxes of white iPhones are said to be stacked at Apple's headquarters.