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I cover wireless networking and mobile computing, especially for the enterprise; topics include (and these are specific to wireless/mobile): security, network management, mobile device management, smartphones and tablets, mobile operating systems (iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10), BYOD (bring your own device), Wi-Fi and wireless LANs (WLANs), mobile carrier services for enterprise/business customers, mobile applications including software development and HTML 5, mobile browsers, etc; primary beat companies are Apple, Microsoft for Windows Phone and tablet/mobile Windows 8, and RIM. Preferred contact mode: email.

Windows Phone 7 Launch: Microsoft's Credibility and Challenges

Microsoft's mobile ambitions are riding on the new Windows Phone 7 handsets being released Monday.

Many Android Apps Leak User Privacy Data

Researchers have created Android-based code that tracks what applications on a smartphone actually do with the data they have access to.

BlackBerries Gain Remote Support Tools

Enterprise BlackBerry handsets can now be remotely managed via an Odyssey Software plug-in, based on its Athena device management code, for RIM's BlackBerry...

Google Voice Cleared for IPhone: Report

Google Voice has been cleared for Apple's iPhone and should be available via the App Store in a few weeks, according to a report.

802.11n Wi-Fi Making a Huge Impact

A year after the IEEE 802.11n standard was ratified, the high-octane Wi-Fi is reshaping the wireless experience for users, and for enterprise IT.

802.11n Wi-Fi Essentials for Business IT

The rapid adoption of IEEE 802.11n as the Wi-Fi standard is transforming the wireless experience for users, and the business network.

IPhone 4 Wi-Fi Proves a Challenge for University

The iPhone 4 is the first to use 802.11n for Wi-Fi connectivity. But it runs only in the crowded 2.4GHz band.

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Code Ready for Fall Release

Development tools ship this month, and the first handsets should soon follow.

Internet's 5 Billionth Device Expected Soon

Sometime this month, the 5 billionth device will plug into the Internet -- and growth gets exponential from there.

Back-to-school IT Projects Reshape Campus Life

Technology shifts are shaking up IT priorities in colleges and universities. Here are six areas where schools are redefining needs and finding new opportunities.

Windows Phone 7 'Preview' Winning Good Reviews

The newest release of the Windows Phone 7 software, now on prototype handsets, is getting good reviews.

Apple iPhone 4 FAQ: What Happened, What's Next

Apple's announcement produced damage control efforts, a small freebie, and some lingering questions. Here's the upshot.


Antenna Guru: 'Get a Bumper, Learn Vulcan iPhone Pinch'

Whatever Apple offers, iPhone uses with signal envy can still apply some workarounds.


IPhone Rules Smartphone Roost

The latest quarterly survey of consumer smartphone preferences shows Apple iPhone completely dominates the market: 52% of respondents say they plan to buy an...

iPhone 4 'Bursts into Flames,' Report Claims

Analysis: Details are sketchy about this particular incident, but the newest iPhone could be hot in more than one way.