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I cover wireless networking and mobile computing, especially for the enterprise; topics include (and these are specific to wireless/mobile): security, network management, mobile device management, smartphones and tablets, mobile operating systems (iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10), BYOD (bring your own device), Wi-Fi and wireless LANs (WLANs), mobile carrier services for enterprise/business customers, mobile applications including software development and HTML 5, mobile browsers, etc; primary beat companies are Apple, Microsoft for Windows Phone and tablet/mobile Windows 8, and RIM. Preferred contact mode: email.

Windows 8 Tablet Growth Hinges on Pricing: Report

Windows 8 tablets, which are expected to start shipping by the end of October, will grab less than 2% of the global tablet shipments by year-end.

Mobile Shoppers Must Wait for NFC Payments

NFC-based mobile payments are still years from adoption, but shoppers can expect a plethora of contactless 'commerce services' first.

Defcon Wi-Fi Hack Called No Threat to Enterprise WLANs

For Wi-Fi networks that are properly using 802.1X authentication, and that have transport layer security properly implemented, the impact of this exploit is essentially zero, experts say.

Petition to 'Fix' Apple's Bonjour Technology Now Online

The petition asking for changes to Apple's Bonjour and Airplay technologies is now online and accepting digital signatures until Aug. 10.

RIM Ships LTE PlayBook Tablet Next Week

A 32GB model of the 7-inch tablet with LTE cellular connectivity will be rolled out in most markets over the next few months.

Mobile Applications Reliability Subject of MIT Research

A new networking protocol is specifically designed for mobile clients and the intermittent, low-bandwidth connections that typify today's wireless networks.

A Look at Why the iPhone Matters

A mobile industry analyst says the iPhone has had such a rapid effect on the market that theories that usually take decades of research to validate are shown in near real time.

Cisco's Wireless Unit Shifts Emphasis to 'Mobility'

The change, not only for Cisco but its rivals, reflects the fact that mobile workers are no longer focused simply on replacing an Ethernet cable with a Wi-Fi signal and being able to carry their corporate laptop to the conference room.

Claims of Larger iPhone 5 Persist

The unsupported conviction or hope that Apple will refresh the iPhone with a 4-inch screen has burned brightly for more than a year.