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Apple's IOS 4 Patch Reportedly Restoring Exchange Synchronization

Apple's new configuration profile for iOS 4 devices like the new iPhone 4 seems to be restoring connectivity to Microsoft Exchange servers.

'Many Thousands' of Pre-release Windows Phone 7 Handsets Prepped for Developers

Microsoft is confirming that "many thousands" of pre-release Windows Phone 7 handsets will be given to selected developers starting in July, but confusion over how that will be done continues.


Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Flies Under Radar at TechEd

Microsoft execs offer a few more details on Windows smartphone technology, but key questions remain.

AT&T IPad 3G Breach Teaches Smartphone Security Lessons

AT&T's failure to protect some iPad 3G user e-mail addresses highlights a range of security issues that IT groups should note.

Windows Phone 7 vs. Android

Google's Android operating system and Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 are the two main challengers to Apple's iPhone platform for smartphone dominance.


AT&T vs. Verizon

AT&T and Verizon are fighting for new customers and to hang on to old ones in the burgeoning wireless market.


Microsoft TechEd: Expect Windows Phone News, Azure Details

Microsoft needs to sustain Windows Phone 7 momentum, reveal more details about its Azure cloud computing services.

AT&T Shifts to Usage-Based Wireless Data Plans

AT&T effectively has scrapped its unlimited wireless data offering for new subscribers. The new scheme offers a lower starting point for monthly costs, but could cost some customers more.

Atheros Sampling 450Mbps 802.11n Wi-Fi Chipset

Chip maker Atheros Wednesday released samples of its powerful new 802.11n Wi-Fi chipset, which tops out with a maximum data rate of 450Mbps for access points and and routers, and a signal that's more consistent and resilient.

Deeper Windows Phone 7 Details Continue to Surface

More details emerge about Microsoft's revamped Windows Phone 7 OS, as hackers and programmers dig deeper.


If You Have Multithreading in Windows Phone 7, Do You Need Multitasking?

Exploring how WP7 handles multiple application threads.


iPad: Surveys Show Why and How We're Buying it

Just when you thought the iPad couldn't be more popular, a pair of surveys plot a trajectory.


Palm's Buy-out Drama Revealed in Federal Filings

Palm played off would-be buyers against each other to win HP's billion dollar bid.

iFixit Lays Bare Microsoft's Kin Smartphone

A disassembly of Microsoft's Kin Two shows the silicon and component decisions that went into creating Microsoft's youth-oriented, social networking smartphone.


VeriWave Captures Users' View of Wi-Fi Networks

Enterprise Wi-Fi networks are often mysteries, because it's difficult for IT to get a user perspective on how applications such as voice and video are performing...