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Behind Apple's Thumbs Down on Google Voice

Apple's decision to reject the Google Voice app for the iPhone was made by senior executives.

New iPod Touch Hides an 802.11n Wi-Fi Chip

Apple didn't mention it at the new iPod's debut, but it contains a Wi-Fi chip that supports the newest wireless standard.

802.11n Wi-Fi Standard Gets IEEE's Green Light

Despite lack of an official announcement, task group chairman has sent out a notification to a listserv for task group members.

802.11n Wi-Fi Standard Expected to be Approved Today

Wi-Fi Alliance is expected to approve the 802.11n wireless standard today along with updating its testing program.

Timeline: 802.11n Development Milestones

Today the IEEE is expected to approve the 802.11n high-throughput wireless LAN standard, capping seven years of work.

802.11n Pioneer Sets 'Wicked Fast' Expectations for Wireless

With the IEEE 802.11n standard ratified, we checked in with 802.11n pioneer Morrisville State College, whose pervasive Wi-Fi network is redefining...

ACLU Lawsuit Says Student's Cell Phone Was Illegally Searched

A middle school honor student was expelled after authorities searched his cell phone and found evidence of what they claimed were "gang-related activities."


The Pesky Privacy Peccadilloes of Palm Pre

Analysis: Your Pre shares some data with your Pre's manufacturer — are you worried yet?


Palm Coders Go to Camp

Groups of Palm Pre enthusiasts are gathering this weekend in 80 cities to trade programming tips.

Palm Pre and WebOS Get Enterprise Features

Palm has released a webOS update for the Pre smartphone that features expanded support for Exchange Active Sync policies, a change aimed at enterprise users.

Is the Palm Pre Suffering From High Return Rates?

The Palm Pre might be subject to excessively high return rates, according to an equities market researcher. But then again it might not.


Are Mobile Web Apps Ever Going to Grow Up?

In just the past year, several trends have crystallized into a mobile Web platform that promises to transform mobile application development for the enterprise.

Is It Time to Let Go of That Ethernet Cable?

As more enterprises deploy wall-to-wall Wi-Fi, they're finding end users voting with their network interface cards: given a choice, they go with wireless rather than wired access.

Palm Ships WebOS Toolkit

Palm has released the Mojo webOS software development kit, with frameworks, APIs, services, sample code and documentation.

Assigning Blame for That Weird Palm Pre Commercial

Analysis: Inspiration for the commercial came from ... "the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics," according to ad agency's co-founder.