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I cover wireless networking and mobile computing, especially for the enterprise; topics include (and these are specific to wireless/mobile): security, network management, mobile device management, smartphones and tablets, mobile operating systems (iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10), BYOD (bring your own device), Wi-Fi and wireless LANs (WLANs), mobile carrier services for enterprise/business customers, mobile applications including software development and HTML 5, mobile browsers, etc; primary beat companies are Apple, Microsoft for Windows Phone and tablet/mobile Windows 8, and RIM. Preferred contact mode: email.

IT Takes Wait-and-hope Approach to Apple Mac Mountain Lion

Apple OS X Mountain Lion for Macs promises both benefits and costs for IT groups. Mac experts are looking forward to delving in.

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Free Service Offers Basic Enterprise Mobile Management

A free new service lets IT groups quickly set up basic management of corporate and personal mobile devices running Android or Apple iOS.

Web App Lets Businesses Set Security, Sharing for Google Apps Users

A new security tool lets IT groups set access and share policies for employees, including mobile users, who are working with the online Google Apps suite.

Free Web Tool Consolidates Data on Code Vulnerabilities

Enterprise coders can now use an open source Web application that lets them consolidate software vulnerability data from a range of scanning and test tools.

Accessing the Internet by Mobile Device Doubled in 2011, Data Show

Nokia remains the leading mobile vendor worldwide, but the Web page-view numbers show a company in decline over the past year.

Vendors Show Voice Call Hand-off Between LTE, 3G Networks

Qualcomm this week revealed a key step in enabling voice calls over LTE handsets. Working with Ericsson, the chipmaker says it recently completed the first voice call handover between LTE and 3G networks, and will showcase the achievement later this month at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Apple Mac-Based Security Threats Jumped in 2011

New Mac-based security threats jumped in 2011, but still remain far below that of Windows PCs, according to a posting by F-Secure Labs.

Look, Touch and Feel: How Your Mobile Interface Will Morph in 2012

Touch will be improved through higher screen resolutions, brighter screens and the start of tactile feedback when you press a button, according to one analyst.

IT Groups Reveal Their Best Enterprise Tablet Tricks

New generation tablets are being adopted en masse by enterprises, despite the lack of any support infrastructure from the manufacturers. Many enterprise users...

iPad Sales Expected to Slip a Bit

Some stock analysts are scaling back their estimates for iPad sales, partly due to the bargain-priced Amazon Kindle Fire and in anticipation of an updated Apple tablet.

Skeptics Find Flaws in Carrier IQ Application Analysis

Only now are some skeptical voices being raised that the case against Carrier IQ may be a rush to judgment without a real, or at least an adequate, basis in fact.

More Apps Being Downloaded but Few are Put to Use

In terms of all U.S. adults, 35 percent of adults have apps on their phone, but 24 percent of adults actually used them.

Apple Bans Researcher for Exploit Exposing iOS Security Flaw

The developer had created an apparently benign iOS app that was actually designed to exploit a security flaw he had uncovered in the firmware.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard vs. Mac OS X Lion

Which big cat was the best release of Apple's desktop operating system?

Wired Network Edge vs. Wireless Edge

Where mobile and wireless devices are especially prevalent, some IT groups are rethinking the wired edge of the network.