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I cover wireless networking and mobile computing, especially for the enterprise; topics include (and these are specific to wireless/mobile): security, network management, mobile device management, smartphones and tablets, mobile operating systems (iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10), BYOD (bring your own device), Wi-Fi and wireless LANs (WLANs), mobile carrier services for enterprise/business customers, mobile applications including software development and HTML 5, mobile browsers, etc; primary beat companies are Apple, Microsoft for Windows Phone and tablet/mobile Windows 8, and RIM. Preferred contact mode: email.

Microsoft to Host Unveiling of New Windows Phone Handsets

No one expects Windows Phone to leap over Google Android and Apple iOS in a single bound, but industry analysts have been revising their projections for the Microsoft phone OS.

iPad vs. Everything Else

Android tablets expected to gain ground over time, but for now Apple's iPad rules, even in the enterprise.

New Software Lets Mobile Devices Use Corporate Printers

A new client-server application lets most mobile devices now wirelessly use corporate printers, without having to make changes to smartphones or tablets, or to the printers.

Steve Jobs Ranted, Raged Against Android as 'Grand Theft'

Excerpts from Steve Jobs' about-to-be-published biography show the source of Apple's aggressive patent war against the Android mobile OS.

Mobility Surges on US Campuses While Cloud Technology Lags

Colleges and universities have been aggressive in expanding campus mobility, but slower in shifting key systems to cloud computing.

Microsoft Investigates Its Own Mobile Location Practices

Lawsuit allegations spur a review, and reassurances from Microsoft that it doesn't associate a unique identifier with the location of its phones to track user movement.

Quotations From Chairman Steve

Steve Jobs does not think in sound bites. Reading through the wealth of interviews in his career, one is conscious of a mind working through both questions and answers, and taking little for granted.

Motorola Workers Likely Thrilled by Google's Buy

A survey of employees at Google and Motorola finds a higher level of job satisfaction at Google. Larry Page gets high marks, Motorola's Sanjay Jha much lower.

Why Google Wants Motorola Mobility

Google CEO Larry Page tells his reasoning in a company blog, posted as the news of the acquisition offer broke this morning.

Clearwire Names New CEO

Clearwire's COO moves up to the president/CEO post with the first task of financing an LTE network after its recent focus on WiMAX.

iPads Power Productivity Gains at MicroStrategy

Secure iPads plug employees into real-time corporate data, speed a range of business processes at software vendor MicroStrategy.