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'Depraved' Wi-Fi Hacker Gets 18 Years in Prison

A Minnesota man has been sentenced to 18 years in prison after he hacked his neighbor's Wi-Fi router and then launched a vengeful two-year campaign to frame them with child porn and threats to government officials.

iPhone 5 Scuttlebutt Watch

In the ongoing rumor roundup, storm activity increases but solid information? Not so much. Here's what we've heard.

Is Galaxy S II Headed to Windows Phone 7?

The main obstacle is that the Galaxy S II doesn't match the existing Windows Phone hardware specification in terms of its processor and three dedicated buttons on the front of the phone.

Gigabit Wi-Fi Spec Edges Closer to Reality

Wi-Fi that can sustain multi-gigabit data rates? That fantasy is edging closer to reality.

Symantec Finds Big Differences in iOS, Android Security

Apple iOS and Google Android have some big differences when it comes to mobile security, creating distinct potential vulnerabilities for enterprises embracing devices running these operating systems, according to analysis by Symantec.

iPhone 5: Weekly Rumor Roll-up

The summer solstice has passed and the iOSsphere is heating up with new and newly recycled iPhone 5 rumors.

Wi-Fi Client Surge Forcing Fresh Wireless LAN Thinking

Mobile Wi-Fi clients are surging on wireless LANs. The growth is forcing IT groups to adapt to a new, more dynamic RF environment and rethink WLAN design.

Smartphone, Tablet Wi-Fi Performance Varies Widely

Different handheld mobile devices show a wide range of behaviors on Wi-Fi networks.

iPhone 5 Rumor Rundown for the Week

Nearing the eve of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, where we know Apple will unveil iOS 5, new rumors of iPhone 5 have become thin and stale.

Developers Find a Lot to Love in Windows Phone 7 Mango

The Windows Phone 7 Mango release, due this Fall, adds a lot to Microsoft's mobile OS, say a group of enterprise mobile programmers.

iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup

With Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference less than 10 days away, rumors and anticipation about iPhone 5 keep on coming.

6 Changes in Windows Phone Mango Target Business Users

The Windows Phone Mango release, due this fall, includes changes that improve Microsoft's mobile OS for business users and IT groups.

10 Things IT Groups Need to Know About The End of the World

A pastor and radio network founder predicts that on Saturday, May 21, at 6 p.m. The Rapture will take place.

Android Vs. Windows Phone 7: The Coming Mobile Battle

Can Windows Phone 7 actually become the dominant mobile OS in less than three years? Yes, says Pyramid Research, and the reason is that the smartphone market is still in its infancy.

Internet Creaks Under Tidal Wave of Bin Laden Death News

Some news sites, streaming video bog down or go black following breaking news on bin Laden’s death.