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Apple Testing IOS 5 With Third-party Apps

Apple is now testing the next major release of iOS, according to evidence found in a crash report to an application developer.

iPhone, iPad Users Sue Apple Over Location Tracking Database

Two Apple customers have filed a class-action suit, alleging that Apple violates federal law and enables stalking.

Documents Reveal New Lenovo Android Tablet, Super-Thin Notebook

Documents revealed on the Web show a purported new Lenovo Android tablet for the enterprise market and a super-thin notebook with dramatically improved battery life.

iPhone 5: Rounding up the Rumors

Here's the latest roundup of Apple iPhone 5 rumors and speculation. The basic idea: It will be better than iPhone 4.

Web Service Guards SMBs Against Smartphone Expense Gotchas

Small and midsize companies can now manage their smartphone expenses with a Web portal and smartphone app from Anomalous Networks.

First White Spaces Access Point Gives Grandma the Internet

A prototype access point uses low frequency White Spaces spectrum to forge a reliable Internet connection in a Houston trial. "Super Wi-Fi" frequencies can penetrate buildings...

iPad 2 Shortages Spread to the Afterlife

Shortages of iPad 2 have hit Chinese families in Asia, where paper replicas are avidly sought this year to burn as part of a traditional rite honoring dead ancestors.

AT&T, Verizon Neck and Neck on iPhone 4 Satisfaction

iPhone 4 customer satisfaction ratings are basically identical for Verizon and AT&T subscribers, according to a new survey by ChangeWave Research.

Will the iPad Get Mac's Virtual Desktop Spaces?

The iPad could eventually get the Mac's system for managing different desktops or "workspaces" at once, or something like it, based on a recently revealed patent filing by Apple.

Do Microsoft's Windows Phone Numbers Show OS Is a Success?

One year after the Windows Phone 7 developer tools were released, Microsoft cites numbers to show the popularity of the OS with developers.

Android Smartphones Now Can Run Firefox 4.0

Android users can now download a production version of mobile Firefox.

FCC May Not be Keen on AT&T's T-Mobile Buy

A comment by an unnamed FCC official hints of scrutiny ahead for the proposed acquisition, but it's hardly official.

Nokia Looks to Make Windows Phone 7 Hottest Mobile OS

Nokia fully expects, and plans, to do what Microsoft and its handset partners have so far been unable to do: make Windows Phone 7 a must-have mobile platform.

Latest Windows Phone 7 Firmware Available on Two New Phones

Two "new" Windows Phone 7 handsets, for AT&T and Sprint, are on display this week at the CTIA conference in Orlando.

AT&T, T-Mobile Surprise Customers, Partners, Competitors

AT&T's surprise $39 billion buyout of T-Mobile USA raises questions for subscribers, the U.S. cellular industry, and competitors.