12 Must-Have iPhone4 Games

Don't waste time with games you've never heard of -- make your first purchases count. Here are 12 classics that represent something for everyone.

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LEGO Universe Launching October 26

LEGO Universe has been eagerly anticipated by Lego and MMO fans alike for the past year, and Warner Bros. has announced today that the game will be available in stores on October 26.

How To Get Into Medal of Honor Beta

Like any big online release, Medal of Honor will be going through a massive, extensive beta test phase which will be made open to the public. How do you get in...

E3's Eve: Trends to Watch For

Analysis: Beyond the most anticipated games, here are the picks for top trends at the gaming show opening next week.

Microsoft's J Allard, Robbie Bach to Leave Company

Redmond reveals that two individuals that many gamers are used to seeing reference to, Robbie Bach and J Allard, will be leaving the company this fall.

Sony Pushes Back at Wii

The newest series of TV ads highlights the PlayStation Move and mocks the Wii's omissions.

OnLive to Launch June 17

The creators of ala carte cloud gaming service Onlive have revealed the launch details for the product, announcing that the service will launch on June 17 on PC...

IPad Production on Track, Supplier Says

An Apple hardware supplier refutes rumors that iPad production is lagging and won't meet deadline.

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11 Video Game T-Shirts You'd Wear

Nostalgic, artful, and just plain cool -- Here are 11 gaming T-shirts that are more than collectibles.

Last Week's Top Grossing iPhone Games

Lots of movement in the top grossing iPhone App space over this past week, in most part fueled by the substantial offers that big players like Electronic Arts...

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The Best iPhone Games

We've sifted through the thousands of games currently available in the iTunes App Store, and have settled on these 36 titles to enthusiastically recommend. Some are old, some are new, but all are worth both your time and money.

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Game Boy Joins Toy Hall of Fame

"Major Industry Innovator" lands recognition from the National Museum of Play.

Droid Likely to Boster Android Games

Developers are intrigued by some of the extras in Droid that will allow new creativity with game design.

Windows 7: A Whopper of an OS, with a Side of Fries

Microsoft and Burger King team up in Japan to celebrate the launch of Windows 7 with a monstrous "limited edition" seven-layer burger.

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