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John Dodge is an award-winning journalist, blogger, editor and web community manager, who has covered technology and business since 1980. He spent 16 years at PC Week (now eWeek) as news editor and editor and several years as editor-in-chief of engineering magazines EDN and Design News. From 1995-99, he was a regular technology and business columnist for the Boston Globe. From 1999-01, he was regular technology and business columnist for the Wall Street Journal. He has won numerous journalism awards, most recently the 2010 ASBPE Silver Award for his coverage of Bernard Madoff's technology and the 2009 IEEE Distinguished Journalism award for his coverage of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner's development. He can be found in many places including Twitter and Facebook. His personal blog is The Dodge Retort.

J.C. Penney Slashes CIO Role

In January, the J.C. Penney Company introduced Kristen E. Blum as its CTO. This month, the retailer eliminated its CIO in a move to, according to a company memo, 'ensure we have the right structures to ensure efficiency and productivity.'

Facebook: Too Democratic for its Own Good?

Analysis: The excessively democratic Republic of Facebook is a case of the tyranny of the minority. Who's in charge, anyway?

Twitter Flies into the Enterprise

Analysis: Companies are already leveraging Twitter to gain an edge, and some are doing it rather well.