Google Warns: Clean Your PC or Lose Internet Access

Infected searchers will get an alert that they need to remove the DNSChanger malware or risk losing Internet connectivity on July 9.

US Firms Are Over-Reliant on Firewalls to Protect Against DDoS Attacks

More than half of US businesses still rely on conventional firewalls or intrusion prevention systems to shield themselves from the scourge of DDoS attacks, a survey by services firm Neustar has found.

Android Trojan Mimics PC Drive-by Malware Attack

The malware uses the "drive-by" approach from an ordinary website, a dangerous type of automatic attack more common to Windows Trojans.

John McAfee, Antivirus Pioneer, Arrested by Belize Police

McAfee antivirus founder John McAfee is reportedly taking legal advice after a raid on his Belize home by police resulted in the software entrepreneur's arrest.

Mac Flashback Flaw Reused by New Malware Campaign

Java has been spotted as a Mac weakness, partly because it isn't currently patched quickly by Apple and partly because its users leave their computers unprotected.

Mobile Malware Incidents on Rise, Says Smartphone Survey

Mobile malware is extremely regional, which reflects the culture of businesses in different countries and the way mobile applications are offered.

Infected WordPress Blogs Blamed for Mac Flashback Trojan

The source of the Apple Mac Flashback Trojan was probably a large clutch of compromised US-based WordPress blog websites hijacked to push visitors to malware.

LogMeIn Takes on Dropbox With 'Cubby' Cloud Storage

Cloud storage leader Dropbox might have serious competition at last. LogMeIn has announced the beta of its rival 'Cubby' service.

RIM's Ex-Chief Aimed to Divorce BlackBerry Devices, Services

CEO Jim Balsillie urged shifting the company from its dependence on BlackBerry hardware in favor of a future built as much on outsourcing data as selling devices, it is revealed.

BlackBerry Still Beats Android on Security, Analysis Finds

RIM's struggling BlackBerry remains the clear leader in mobile security with market share leader Android lagging badly, an analysis of the top four platforms reveals.

'Ransomware' Tracked to Russian Gang

Trojan-style malware impersonates cops on an infected system and assesses a "fine" for accessing Internet porn or violent material.

Anonymous Hackers Deface 500 Chinese Government Websites

In a spectacular protest against Internet censorship, hackers successfully deface hundreds of Chinese Government websites.

'Hacktivists' Lead Data Breach Threats, Study Finds

A tiny but motivated band of "hacktivists" are supplanting professional criminals as the biggest single data breach threat, an analysis of security issues reveals.

Software Exploits Dropped in 2011, IBM X-Force Says

Cyber criminals must work harder to find and exploit new vulnerabilities, with better security during software development plus architectural improvements such as application sandboxing and swifter patching.

Duqu Trojan Mystery Programming Language Identified as "Old School" C

The Duqu Trojan, which some believe is a relative of the Stuxnet worm used to attack Iran, was partly programmed in Object-Oriented C (OOC).