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'Hacktivists' Lead Data Breach Threats, Study Finds

A tiny but motivated band of "hacktivists" are supplanting professional criminals as the biggest single data breach threat, an analysis of security issues reveals.

Software Exploits Dropped in 2011, IBM X-Force Says

Cyber criminals must work harder to find and exploit new vulnerabilities, with better security during software development plus architectural improvements such as application sandboxing and swifter patching.

Duqu Trojan Mystery Programming Language Identified as "Old School" C

The Duqu Trojan, which some believe is a relative of the Stuxnet worm used to attack Iran, was partly programmed in Object-Oriented C (OOC).

Google Search Domains Go HTTPS by Default

The steady rollout of SSL for the world's most popular websites continues with the news Google's global search domains will be encrypted.

Ransom Trojans Spreading Beyond Russian Heartland

The extent of ransomware's success can only be gauged by the growing volume of attacks, which implies a worthwhile success rate.

Google+ Users Spent Only 3 Minutes on Site in January

For perspective, Facebook managed almost seven hours per user in the same month, a gulf in use far more dramatic than mere subscriber numbers alone.

UK's Branson Beats Porn Cybersquatter

An Australian man who tried to register a porn domain using the name of Virgin CEO Richard Branson has been ordered to hand over the URL.

Flashback.G Trojan Targets Macs

Increasingly, virus-writers are aiming at Mac users, such as the Flashback Java Trojan variant hitting systems running OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

YouPorn Data Breach Exposes 1 Million User Logins

Portions of the YouPorn database featuring user e-mail addresses and passwords have appeared online, many of them using recognizable first and last names.

Researchers Break Video Captcha Security Using Robot Vision

Researchers at Stanford University have discovered a way to break state-of-the-security video Captchas.

Cybercrooks Sell Stolen Facebook, Twitter Log-ins

A security firm spots an online "factory outlet" selling stolen social network log-ins obtained while hacking for bank credentials.

Antivirus Software Powerless to Stop Data Breach Attacks, Study Finds

Large numbers of data breaches are being initiated by targeted malware that antivirus software simply can't detect, according to an analysis.

VeriSign Hack: Few Details Seep Out

It's still not clear exactly what was compromised when Internet giant VeriSign suffered a series of data breaches in 2010.

Google, Microsoft and Facebook Battle Phishing with New Specification

The initiative is really an attempt to impose a single set of policies on the sometimes arbitrary way that way companies separate the good e-mail from the bad.