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Copper Thieves Battled With New Anti-theft Telecom Cable

Unlike conventional cables made from solid copper, the GroundSmart consists of a steel core around which is bonded a copper outer casing, forming an equally effective but far less valuable cable.

Android Smartphones Link to New Samsung TV

With ever-thinner screens and 3D technology failing to excite consumers, TV maker Samsung has a new gimmick: make them into hubs.

Google Chrome Finally Gets Malware Download Protection

The new version of Chrome will at last include filtering against inadvertently downloading malware executables.

Stuxnet and Duqu Part of Larger Cybermalware Campaign

Kaspersky's Alexander Gotsev and Igor Soumenkov offer evidence that both pieces of malware were created using a cybermalware kernel they call "tilded."

Trojan Cons Victims with Fake Trial

BitDefender warns of a new ransom-style Trojan that scrambles its victims' data before offering them a trial version of a fix.

FTC Compensates 320,000 Victims of Fake Antivirus Scams

Fooled by scareware? A legal settlement includes payouts of about $20 to all who fell for a multinational malware swindle scheme.