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Store Offers Wi-Fi So Consumers Can Compare Prices

Britain's biggest department store John Lewis is to offer customers free in-store Wi-Fi so they can compare its ticket prices with rivals.

Gmail Users Targeted by Rogue Password Recovery Tool

Consumers trying to recover a Gmail password have been reminded not to use the widely-circulating Gmail hacker Pro software, which claims it can recover your password.

Users Warned After YapBrowser Returns From the Dead

YapBrowser, a replacement web browser once promoted by controversial spyware company Zango, appears to have resurrected itself, possibly with the help of a UK-registered company.

Fake Antivirus 'Scareware' Scams Decline

Summer saw fewer numbers of rogue programs that masquerade as security tools and then infect your system, a security firm says.

Malware Campaign Targets Russia, Allies

Trend Micro reports a major targeted malware attack that has infected more than 1400 computers in Russia and its former Soviet satellites.

ShareSafe App Scans Facebook Links for Malware

Facebook users worried about clicking on links are being offered a new app web that filters friend from foe.

Researcher Uncovers More SCADA Zero-Day Flaws

An Italian researcher offers details of a new batch of unpatched vulnerabilities in data acquisition products from seven vendors.

Google Web History Vulnerable to Firesheep Hack

Researchers show how a refresh of the Firesheep Wi-Fi sniffing tool can be used to access most of a victim's Google Web History.

Nations With Low Malware Rates Have Better ISPs

Good national security teams and diligent Internet service providers result in consistently lower rates of malware infection, research reveals.