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Chinese Hackers Blamed for Database Theft

Hackers have stolen the personal data of 35 million users of a popular South Korean social network and search engine Nate.

Google Warns 1 Million PCs Hit by Search Hijack

The search giant identifies a malware scheme that redirects browsers through proxy servers.

FBI Raids New York Homes in Hunt for Anonymous Hackers

It is not yet clear whether anyone will be arrested as part of the investigation, but all the suspects were described as being in their late teens or early twenties.

IE Wins Malware-Blocking Tests

Lab testing finds Microsoft's Internet Explorer more effective at blocking malicious downloads than other browsers.

BlackBerry Still Hugely Popular in Britain, Market Figures Show

RIM's BlackBerry might be on a sustained losing streak against Android and the iPhone around the world but it is still packing in new users in the U.K.

Researchers Discover 4.5 Million-Strong Super-Botnet

Millions of PCs around the world appear to have been quietly infected by the dangerous TDSS 'super-malware' rootkit as part of a campaign to build a giant new botnet, researchers from security firm Kaspersky Lab have discovered.

Employee Hijacks CEO's PowerPoint to Show Porn

The angry (ex-) employee gets a two-year suspended prison sentence and community service assignment.

New SMB Browser Tool Hunts Down Insecure Plugins

Vulnerability management company Qualys has invited small businesses to sign up to use a free online tool that can scan browsers for out-of-date versions and plugins that might be putting users at risk.

'Autorun' Malware Slows

The number of Autorun-related infections detected by Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool dropped at least 59 percent.

LulzSec Hacker Victims Alerted

Writerspace site warns its members of security breach after LulzSec hack attack.

LulzSec Steals, Shares Logins in Latest Hack

Followers of LulzSec on Twitter openly claim to have used the leaked data, which could open these individuals to criminal prosecution.

Fake Antivirus Targets Firefox

Beware a new scam that imitates Windows Update to load a fake antivirus software on the Firefox browser.

Many Cybercrime Surveys 'Hopelessly Flawed'

Findings from cybercrime surveys are about as reliable as asking the average male how many sex partners he's had, researchers say.

IPv6 Traffic Plummets After Global Test Day

Internet 1.0 gets back to normal after a day of testing and measuring IPv6 traffic.

New Malware Targets 64-Bit Windows

Rootkit writers have outfoxed Windows 64-bit PatchGuard protection, Kaspersky Lab reports.