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North Korea Training Cyberwarriors at Foreign Colleges

North Korea is trying to boost its cyberwar capability by its best sending programmers abroad for training in the latest hacking technique

Spammers Create Short URL Systems to Beat Security

Spammers have started setting up bogus URL shortening services to act as relay points for traffic generated by their emails.

BSA Demands Bigger Fines for Software 'Piracy'

Fines for software 'piracy' in the UK need to increase sharply, the Business Software Alliance software industry lobby group has argued as it released its latest world software piracy figures.

Microsoft Security Essentials Struggles in New Antivirus Tests

Microsoft's popular free antivirus program Security Essentials has put in a mediocre showing in the latest quarterly tests from German test outfit, finishing second bottom out of 22 products.

Mac Users Hit by First Rogue Antivirus App

The threat has been named OSX/MacDefender.A and the scam is identical to the large numbers of scareware scams faced by Windows users on a daily basis.

Royal Wedding Makes UK an Internet Hotspot

The London wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton did not slow the Internet as some had predicted but it did boost global video streaming traffic.

Spotify Slashes Free Music Streaming

Spotify has finally buckled to economic necessity and announced plans to dramatically limit the volume of unpaid music than nonsubscribers can receive.

Ex-Gucci Admin Accused of $200,000 IT Rampage

Nixed servers, wiped data, disrupted sale of expensive shoes

Google Chrome Gets Malware Download Alert

The new tweak that is being rolled out to all users issues a warning when people are downloading a file associated with a blacklisted site.

Twitter Delays Homepage Revamp After Service Glitch

The service rolled back features but the new homepage could still debut later today.

Anonymous Launches Attack Against Sony PS3 Websites

Anonymous is attacking Sony's PS3 websites in a DDoS attack, in protest of Sony's pursuit of PS3 hacker 'Geohot'

Microsoft Rebukes Developers for Poor App Security

Get with the SDL, says report.

Android Tablets Get First Remote Security and Antivirus App

AVG has launched AVG Mobilation for Android which the company is promoting as the world's first security app specifically designed for Android tablets.

Wary Customers Shun Businesses After Data Breaches

Data breaches cost U.K. businesses more than ever last year, with most of the financial hit resulting from lost business in the aftermath of an incident.