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Death of Moore's Law Will Cause Economic Crisis

Gordon Moore's famous law about the doubling of transistor density and power every two years will not only end it could bring economic disaster in its wake.

Online Fraud Hotspots Named

The Cloud Forces Name Change on VoIP Company

A small VoIP company has had to change its name after being threatened with legal action over its use of the word 'cloud' in its name by European Wi-Fi network The Cloud.

Twitter Embeds Encryption to Foil Firesheep Hackers

Twitter users are being urged to turn on the service's new https encryption setting to close a security loophole.

Jon Bon Jovi Blames Apple for 'Killing Music'

Rocker laments the loss of the sacred connection music fans used to feel for vinyl and CDs once used to distribute musical wares.

Twitter Libel Claim Bests UK Politician

A Welsh politician is the first UK citizen to lose a "twibel" case based on something he tweeted.

Twitter's 'Dark Side' Growing Once Again

The number of Twitter accounts suspended for suspected criminal activity started to rise again during 2010, security company Barracuda Networks has reported.

Smartphone Users Clueless of Malware Risks

Smartphone owners are only dimly aware that their expensive devices could be targeted by emerging types of mobile malware, a European survey finds.

Wordpress Recovers From Huge DDoS Attack

The widely-used blog management system says this week's attacks may have been a political protest.

Morgan Stanley Named as New Victim of Aurora Hacks

Morgan Stanley was an undisclosed victim of the infamous Chinese 'Aurora' hacks of 2009, new emails leaked recently from security company HBGary have said.

Avast Antivirus 6.0 Combats Trojans With Virtualization

Czech security company Avast Software is adding virtualized security to the forthcoming version of its paid antivirus software.


Brits Say Cybercrime Costs Billions

Cybercrime is leeching the UK economy of some $43.5 billion yearly, says a new government report.

Google Adds SMS Verification Security to Gmail

Google is offering all Gmail users the option to secure their accounts using two-factor authentication

Chinese Accused of Huge Attack on Energy Sector

McAfee blows lid on major cyberttack