UK BattlesTargeted Cyberattacks

British government officials acknowledge sustained attack from malware in recent months.

Mobile Phone Hacking - Can You Stop It?

Royal phones hacked, the former prime minister demands a police investigation of possible snooping on his mobile messages, the current prime minister’s director...


Zeus Trojan Targets Online Money Services

After a hit-and-run campaign against consumer online bank accounts in 2010, the Zeus Trojan now appears to be aggressively targeting a clutch of second-tier money exchange and payment services

Mac Malware Threat Still Small, Report Says

Virus writers finally paid some attention to Apple Macs in 2010, with several new types of malware appearing to puncture the myth of the platform's security.

World Now in 'Third Era' of Cybercrime

The year 2010 was a hugely significant one for computing criminality and could turn out to mark the beginning of a 'third era' of cybercrime.

Internet 'Kill Switch' Could Cause Chaos

A proposed US Internet "kill switch" to be used in the event of a cyberwar event could actually cause more problems that it would prevent.

Virus Causes Library Internet Access Shutdown

Library users in Portsmouth (population: 200,000) face the annoyance of up to two weeks without Internet access after the organization's computer systems were hit by a virus.

DNA Molecules Can 'Teleport,' Nobel Winner Says

In an experiment, a fragment of DNA appeared to imprint itself between test tubes.


Porn Worm Extorts Money From 2,500 Victims

A fast-spreading Russian ransom worm that locks people out of their files has found at least 2,500 victims willing to pay up to get back control of their PCs

Child Porn Blocking Won't Work, Says Euro ISPs

The EU's attempts to get all member states to block porn at ISP level would do little to stop the problem, the European Internet Services Providers Association says

Skype Growth Eats Into International Calls

International phone traffic is on the slide and one research company reckons that a likely cause is the effect of VoIP service Skype.

Sudden Spam Drop Leaves Experts Baffled

Spam volume appears to have dropped to averages last seen in 2008 after an expected surge in bogus e-mail over the Christmas period failed to materialize.

Ubuntu Linux Tablet Spotted on Chinese Site

Taiwanese company TENQ has come up with a tablet running Ubuntu Linux Netbook Edition.


Virus Writer Donates Funds to Save Pandas

Panda support is seen as atonement for 'Fujacks' worm; no relation to the antivirus software company.

Internet Hit by Wave of Fake PC 'defrag' Tools

A spate of scareware apps that trick users into buying useless hard disk repair tools appears to be part of a concerted campaign to push fake "defrag" software