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Report declares antivirus software a waste of money for businesses

Antivirus software is now so ineffective at detecting new malware threats most enterprises are probably wasting their money buying it, an analysis by security firm Imperva has concluded.

Microsoft mulls opening UK stores to push consumer brand

UK high streets might be full of empty shops and closing down sales, but landlords could have found one tenant with good financial record interested in expanding its business – Microsoft.

Raspberry Pi hackathon set

Electronics distributor CPC is inviting entries for the first ever Raspberry Pi "€˜hackathon," a competition to see which individual or team can come up with the most interesting œhacked innovation based on the famous ARM computer.

Firefox users slowest to update browser, Kaspersky Lab finds

Nearly one in four PC users run out-of-date or obsolete versions of the most popular browsers for a month or longer with Mozilla Firefox users the slowest to update their software, Kaspersky Lab has found.

Mobile 4G LTE hotspot router heads to AT&T for $50

From 19 November US AT&T subscribers will be able to buy the world’s first mobile data hotspot to feature both 4G LTE support and the unusual innovation of a built-in 2.8 inch colour LCD touchscreen, the company has announced.


Malware ransom draws big bucks, says a Symantec analysis

The problem of ransom malware has reached epidemic proportions and could be extracting fraudulent payments from as many as 3 percent of victims, a Symantec report has calculated.

Ouya readies developer tools for Android game console

The eagerly-awaited Ouya Android-based games console appears to be edging towards reality at last with the company behind its development showing off the first manufactured development boards.

Facebook ID will give access to UK government websites

Trusted identities could let people authenticate themselves for tax credits, benefits, car tax payments, passport applications and even student loans through the one-stop website.

Passwords reused by 6 of 10 consumers

Passwords remain a brittle security blanket when wielded by many consumers, a new survey finds. Despite routine web breaches, six out of ten continue to reuse the same few passwords over and over.

Android adware in popular apps becoming more aggressive

Typical forms of nuisance behavior include creating homescreen shortcuts, altering default search engines and using up memory and processor cycles

Forrester report finds most data breaches are caused by employees

Most data breaches are caused by mundane events such as employees losing, having stolen or simply unwittingly misusing corporate assets, a Forrester report has found.

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Social media comments are protected by free speech, says UK DPP

Internet users who make offensive comments on social networks should not be prosecuted unless there has been a clear breach of the law, UK Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Keir Starmer QC has said.


Sophos antivirus glitch causes false positive chaos

Security firm Sophos has been had to issue an embarrassing apology after the company’s antivirus program suddenly started classifying every and any software update – including the company’s own – as ‘Shh/Updater-B’ malware.

Hacktivist Steals Data From UK Police Websites

A hacktivist has successfully stolen data including email addresses from three UK police websites in an attack apparently in support of Wikileaks' Julian Assange.

Arrested Facebook 'Troll' Revealed as UK Policeman

A 'troll' arrested on suspicion of aiming a torrent of abuse at a fellow Facebook user has turned out to be a 32-year-old Birmingham policeman, it has been revealed.