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Linux Users Targeted by Password-Stealing 'Wirenet' Trojan

Malware writers are interested in Linux after all.

Chinese Cybersquatters Bolster Domain Disputes

Legal conflicts over the ownership of Internet domains could hit a record this year with Chinese cybersquatters a major factor behind the spike.

USB Swiss Army Drives Lose Security, Prompting Refund

Many customers will have paid a hefty premium for the pocket knives on the basis that each came with a flip-out secure USB stick as a feature.

Antivirus Suites Struggle to Block Exploit-based Attacks

Many antivirus suites still can't completely protect against malware attacks against two recent and serious Microsoft vulnerabilities, researchers find.

Ransom Malware Warning Issued by FBI

The malware causing the damage is called Reveton, a drive-by attack incorporating the Citadel bank Trojan platform that has caused a largely unnoticed toll of misery since the beginning of 2012.

Buy Your Way to a Flock of Twitter Followers

Mitt Romney's Twitter account is among those filled with apparently fake followers, an analysis reveals.

Russian Hackers Held in Amazon DDoS Attacks

Pair bragged about their attacks on eBay and Priceline; arrested in Cypress, they face extradition to the U.S.

Sony Hopes Android 4.0 Will Save the Walkman

Apple's iPod Touch gets a new rival with the announcement of the Walkman F800 powered by the latest version of Google's Android OS.

Chrome Locks Down Non-Approved Extensions

Previously, extensions could be installed by any website without user intervention, an obvious boon for malicious attacks.

Android Smartphones Hijacked by First Mobile Botnet

Researchers warn users of a global botnet spamming smartphones, probably originating from a rogue app.

Olympics Facing Threat From Cyberattacks, Says UK Official

A Home Office official has warned once again that with the Olympic Games only weeks away the country faces an unprecedented threat from cyber-attacks.