Facebook Hit by Nigerian Scam

Scammers are trawling Facebook for victims using a convincing twist on the notorious 'Nigerian 419' scam.

Wanted: New Antispam Tactics

Spam surged this year as mass-mailers learned to work around graphical CAPTCHA filters, report says.

Apps, Not OS, are Security Risk, Report Says

Worry about browsers, not Windows, says Microsoft in its latest security assessment report.

New Eee Desktop Sports Touchscreen

Asus has gone for a touch of novelty with its latest models, announcing an expensive desktop touch-screen version of its Eee PC and a laptop clad in bamboo.

SanDisk Puts Antivirus on Flash Drive

Files copied or saved to the latest Cruzer Enterprise are automatically scanned by a McAfee heuristics and antivirus engine.

Full Disk Encryption Offered as a Service

PGP Corporation is offering full disk encryption on a software-as-a-service subscription to lure small businesses.

Security Behavior Varies by Country, Cisco Finds

U.S. and Indian employees are most likely to take risks with company data, a Cisco study suggests.

'Ransomware' Virus-Writer Identified

When the alleged creator of an infamous virus tried to negotiate, security firm Kaspersky Lab helped track him down.

Researcher Tells How to Hack Image Backups

Encrypted image backups are vulnerable to a new type of attack, a security researcher reports.

Buffalo LinkStation Goes Green

The refreshed network storage device now supports power-conservation features.

Biggest Malware Lure? Brad Pitt

Searching for Pitt sites brings a one in five chance of landing on a site serving malicious code, security vendor reports.

Researchers Craft Multimedia Passwords

Scientists create a new, stronger password format from images and mp3 files.

Imation Announces New Solid-State Drives

Imation is releasing two new solid-state drives, the high-end Pro 7500 and the Pro 7000.

Buffalo Ships Low-Cost Encryption Drive

The addition to its MiniStation family is a USB hard drive with built-in, hardware-backed encryption.

Internal Abuse Overtakes Viruses as Security Threat

The most common security violations involve insider action, annual survey reports.