USB 3.0 Falls Short in New Laptop Tests

USB 3.0 may be the future, but tests show it will perform better after laptop hardware upgrades.


Fast-Spreading Worm Targets USB Drives

A crafty new P2P worm appears to be spreading quickly among users of a range of popular file-sharing programs.

iPad Buyers Targeted by Windows Malware

As if to prove the Apple iPad's crossover appeal to PC users, spammers have launched a malware campaign to reel them in using the promise of extras.


USB Stick Comes With Built-in PIN Keypad

A US company has come up with an original take on ultra-secure portable storage, fitting a full PIN entry keypad to a USB stick.

Bluetooth 4.0 Chops Power Consumption

The next version of Bluetooth will be frugal enough with power to run devices using button-cell batteries, the wireless standard's industry special interest group says.


Bank Trojan Takes Aim at Firefox Users

The world's most feared banking Trojan, Zeus, is going after Mozilla Firefox users for the first time, security company Trusteer has reported.

Poor Patching Was 2009's Biggest Security Threat

The biggest single threat to computer security is now the inability of PC users to patch their computers, according to Symantec's review of 2009.

Toshiba Laptop Debuts Intel's Wireless Display Tech

The little-known but potentially important Intel Windows Display (WiDi) wireless technology has turned up in the latest Toshiba laptop, the Satellite A660.


Macs Hit by Backdoor Attack

Apple antivirus company Intego has discovered a backdoor malware attack targeting Mac users.

Richard Stallman Sees Red Over Digital Economy Bill

Open source campaigner Richard Stallman has taken a pop at the Digital Economy Bill (DEB), slating the UK government for "slavishly obeying the record...

Will Twitter's New Look Win Over Reluctant Users?

Twitter has abandoned its famously minimalist homepage in favor of a busier design that promotes celebrity users and selected recent tweets.

Beware Botnet's Return, Security Firms Warn

Pests stemming from the Rustock botnet have started spewing encrypted spam.

Twitter Swats Spam

The volume of spam on the microblogging site has fallen dramatically, Twitter claims.

PC Users Get Cheap Recovery for Crashed Hard Drives

PC users might at last have an affordable plan 'b' should their hard drive crash.

Google Traffic Dominates the Internet

A significant portion of Internet data travels through the search giant's servers, an analysis reveals.