Sale Halted by Bankruptcy

The firm that owns one of the most sought-after domains was forced into bankruptcy and the domain's sale is delayed.

Celebrities Caused 2009 Twitter Crime Wave

Criminals started targeting Twitter in earnest during a key period in early 2009, and security company Barracuda Labs has worked out why. During the same few...


Backup Diligence Depends on Where You Live

Residents of some countries are simply more laid back -- or delusional? -- about backing up data.

Wave of Ransom Malware Hits Internet

Aged malware returns in a new wave of ransom-style online scams.

Microsoft Backs Off its Gripe About Surveillance Site

Microsoft has given up its battle with anti-secrecy website, after some of Redmond's secrets are revealed.

Virtualized USB Key: The Future of Online Banking?

IronKey has come up with a USB drive that can be used to access accounts virtually.

Beware the Return of Nigerian 419 Fraud

An international phishing scam is plaguing e-mail boxes again, security vendor Symantec charges.

Intel Atom Netbooks Get Whole-disk Encryption

Netbook users worried about storing sensitive data on their portables are being offered the world's first whole-disk encryption that will run useably on Intel's...


Too Many People Reuse Logins, Study Finds

The recent Twitter hack raises the challenge of generating secure and unique passwords you can remember.

Early Windows 7 Testers Must Soon Upgrade or Backtrack

Users who installed the Windows 7 Release Candidate must soon commit or find their way back to Vista.


Fake Firefox Update Spreads Spyware

A version of the Zango spyware toolbar is now targeting users of the Firefox browser to download an infected update.