SpamAssassin '2010' Bug Blocked E-mail Across World

If you sent an e-mail in the first few hours of 2010, there is a chance that it never reached its recipient.

Kingston Admits "Secure" USB Drives Are Vulnerable

Independent memory giant Kingston Technology says that several of its supposedly secure encrypted USB drives can be hacked.

Are YouTube and Facebook Guzzling Your Bandwidth?

What are enterprise networks used for? According to a new traffic analysis the answer is, increasingly, to let employees spend work time visiting leisure Web sites.

Mac Trojan May be a Hoax

Symantec says creating a spoof Trojan to promote a game is risky.

Unknown 'Superpower' Hosts Dominate Internet Traffic, Study Says

An analysis due out next week reveals the highest volume of traffic is through a few entities -- and Google may be the only one you know.

Fake Antivirus Attacks, Demands Ransom

It's worse than a virus -- this pest tricks users into licensing software to fight nonexistent malware, Panda warns.

Skype Spy Trojan Escapes into Wild

Code for hacking Skype calls, posted to urge better security, gets built into a spy virus instead.

Malware is Evading Detection, Researchers Say

Even the best security software lets new and unusual malware slip through, security tests have concluded.

External Hard Drive Secured with RFID

Storage vendor Freecom applies RFID "swipe card" security to a new hard drive.

Are Malware Writers Getting Smarter?

The number of exploits being written to target specific software vulnerabilities could be at all-time highs, new threat figures have suggested.

Malware Authors Hit by Recession, Too

The recession might be having at least one positive effect - it has started cutting the volume of malware.

Seagate Refreshes Encryption Drives

New to the BlackArmor line of self-encrypting hard drives are an external PC unit, NAS device, and portable.

New Kaspersky Antivirus Protects Netbooks

Kaspersky Lab has announced a security suite specifically designed for netbooks, the first of its type.

Latest Kaspersky Suite Overloads on Security

Kaspersky Lab has pre-announced its latest all-in-one security suite with the lure that it has packed even more protection layers of into one software product.

Most Attacks Come from Legit but Hijacked Sites

Web attacks are routinely hosted by actual sites infected and acting as zombies, security firm warns.