Teens Hack Just for Fun

Curiosity, amusement fuel 'casual hacking' by teens, often on social networks, a study reports.

Dell's New Netbook: Just a Reboot?

The 'new' netbook, Inspiron Mini10v, is baffling users with its similarity to an earlier model.

Mozilla to Fine-Tune Firefox for Multicore CPUs

Multithreading capability should boost Firefox on multicore chips, developers say.

New 'Scareware' Trojan Holds Users to Ransom

New version of Vundo scrambles users' files.

Web Scam Nets Criminals $10,800 a Day

No crunch here, finds Finjan.

Spam Filters Block Legitimate E-mail, Finds Test

Many anti-spam products still block an inconvenient amount of legitimate e-mail, a new test of leading products has suggested.

Server Vendors Stung by Falling Sales

With a 11.7 percent worldwide fourth quarter decline in server shipments, this segment claims to bear the brunt of the economic hardships in the tech industry.

Asus Rethinks Laptop With Dual-Panel Portable at Cebit

One side functions as a conventional screen, the other as a virtual keyboard using touch input.

Researcher Shows How to Hack SSL

The Secure Sockets Layer protocol commonly used to protect Websites can be thwarted.

Criminals Using Skype, Say Italian Police

The Italian police force has become the latest to voice complaints that the Skype VoIP service is undermining their use of wiretapping.

Sunbelt Pioneers New Anti-Virus Technology

Sunbelt Software is set to become one of the first anti-virus vendors to embrace a promising but as yet little-used technique known as file emulation.

Companies Warned Over 'aging' Firewalls

It turns out firewalls become a security risk as they 'age,' according to a security assessment company.

How Data Export is Risky Business

Data export processes when doing business inherently leave firms vulnerable, a researcher cautions.

New Apple Trojan Slays Adobe Pirates

The Trojan that was being distributed last week in pirated copies of Apple's iWork 09 program on BitTorrent has reappeared.

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How the Sumitomo Bank Hackers Failed

A small clerical error tripped up the $318 million heist inside its offices.