Amazon Cloud Could Be Security Hole

Hackers are turning their attention to cloud services, and Amazon's EC2 may not be prepared.

Mac BitTorrent Users Warned of Trojan

Pirated copies of Apple's iWork 09 software include a most unpleasant surprise.

Fujitsu Siemens Plans 'Zero Power Standby' PC

PC maker Fujitsu Siemens is planning a new range of 'green' PCs that draw zero power while on standby.


High-Speed 802.11n Router for Road Warriors

TRENDnet is first to market with its compact high-throughput Wi-Fi router.

Russian Firm Offers Wi-Fi Encryption Cracker

The technique behind the software, which can decipher WPA/WPA2-PSK passwords, is just a few months old. And now it has a price -- nearly $1,000.

Wanted: Web-Wide Cops

The Internet needs global regulation to stave off "scareware" and other security threats, researcher says.

Open Source Makes Headway Thanks to Microsoft

Acceptance and success of open source software attributed partly to the efforts of major vendors such as IBM and Microsoft, a study says.

Pano Cube: A PC Killer?

In the age of cloud computing, what will replace the desktop PC?

Turning a Blind Eye to Cybercrime

Governments are blind to cybercrime, says McAfee.

Get an iPhone on the Cheap

UK firm Truphone has identified a way to run its VoIP software on an iPod Touch to mimic an iPhone.

Apple Trojan Returns to Haunt Mac Users

A nasty Trojan that first hit Mac users just over a year ago has returned with sharpened teeth, a security company says.

Botnets Can Trample Most Anti-Virus Programs

Many antivirus programs are near to useless in blocking the binaries used to spread botnets.

Spam Drop Could Boost Trojan Attacks

The shutdown of an allegedly spam-friendly ISP is only a short-term fix and could encourage a new wave of pests, experts warn.

Open Source Portable Firewall Debuts

Security firm Yoggie is showing a portable firewall platform available to open source development.

Seagate in Full-Disk Encryption Push

Seagate has launched a major push to increase the uptake of its Full Disk Encryption (FDE) laptop and PC drives.