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John Fontana is senior editor at Network World.

Microsoft Patches Coming Tuesday: Brace Yourself

The record number of vulnerability fixes will also require system reboots.

Microsoft's History With the Tablet PC

The recent Slate PC demo at the Consumer Electronics Show is just Microsoft's latest foray in a long line of tablet device ventures.

Microsoft Admits to Mobile Mistakes, Remains Upbeat

Microsoft's president of entertainment and devices division tells analysts at CES of Redmond's three-pronged assault on mobile trendsetters Apple and Google.


Microsoft Office Coming in Ad-Supported Version

Microsoft this week said it would include an advertising supported version of Office 2010 on new PCs.

Microsoft Must Sell the Cloud to IT Pros in 2010

Experts say Microsoft's big task for the coming year is clear: explain to enterprise IT folks precisely how and why they should live in a cloud.

13 Microsoft Milestones in 2009

A countdown of 13 of Microsoft's most important products of the past year.

Microsoft Getting Better at Patch Updates, Experts Say

Security experts say the software giant seems to be refining and improving the process of explaining and pushing out patches.

Microsoft Issues Security Advisory on IE Vulnerability

Microsoft has issued a security advisory that provides customers with guidance and workarounds for dealing with a zero-day exploit aimed at Internet Explorer.

Microsoft's New Lab Pushes Social Networking Boundaries

The leader of Microsoft's month-old FUSE Lab that focuses on "social experiences" says the goal is to blend research and product development.

Open Source Software Ready for Big Business

Open source has moved into a new phase where it is evaluated more on its technical merits than on the community model of software development. Here's a...

Microsoft Takes Aim at Google Apps

Microsoft has slashed prices for its Exchange Online services and its Business Productivity Online Services suite of online productivity applications.

Ballmer: Sidekick Outage "Not Good"

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, stating the obvious for emphasis, called the Sidekick outage "not good," but said he thinks all data will be recovered.


Corporate PCs Can Run Windows 7, but Age Could Be Mitigating Factor

A new survey finds that nearly 90% of existing PCs within corporations meet the minimum requirements for running Windows 7, but the age of the machines will affect efficiency.


Security Experts Pinpoint Biggest Threats, Best Patches

Two patches highlighted for breadth of deployment across networks

Microsoft's Ballmer Is Pinching His Pennies

CEO takes 5.5% hit in his overall compensation as Redmond suffers through its first-ever drop in overall revenue.