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John Fontana is senior editor at Network World.

Microsoft Patches Coming Tuesday: Brace Yourself

The record number of vulnerability fixes will also require system reboots.

Microsoft's History With the Tablet PC

The recent Slate PC demo at the Consumer Electronics Show is just Microsoft's latest foray in a long line of tablet device ventures.

Microsoft Admits to Mobile Mistakes, Remains Upbeat

Microsoft's president of entertainment and devices division tells analysts at CES of Redmond's three-pronged assault on mobile trendsetters Apple and Google.


Microsoft Office Coming in Ad-Supported Version

Microsoft this week said it would include an advertising supported version of Office 2010 on new PCs.

Microsoft Must Sell the Cloud to IT Pros in 2010

Experts say Microsoft's big task for the coming year is clear: explain to enterprise IT folks precisely how and why they should live in a cloud.

13 Microsoft Milestones in 2009

A countdown of 13 of Microsoft's most important products of the past year.