6 Lessons Google Learned About the Cloud

Google's history of making search convenient and delivering sound online apps shows what other companies should do as they build cloud-based services.

Aruba Networks Brings 'Network Virtualization' to Enterprise

Executives from Aruba Networks aim to address the wireless network needs of businesses at a lower cost through virtualization.

Sustainability Is Inevitable, SAP Official Says

The issue of sustainability in business has graduated from tree-hugging, philantrophy, and civil service notions.

Reducing Storage Complexities

As the entrance of the new decade eases in, new technologies being developed by the day are creating voluminous amounts of data that accrue in stale storage...

Social Media the New Battleground for Spam, Malware: Sophos

In the early days of the Internet, e-mail used to be the major carrier of spam messages on the Web. Today, according to security solutions firm Sophos, spammers have shifted to social networking sites...