Price of Verizon's 300Mbps FiOS Leaked

The fastest tier of the new fiber optic service will reportedly cost $204.99 monthly, with a variety of slower options available.

As Facebook Service Goes, So Goes the Internet

Slowdowns at the popular social network bog down traffic on the entire Internet, a Compuware study reveals.

Anonymous Claims Attack on Facebook

The social network experiences scattered service interruptions; Facebook says it's fixed, but some issues continue.

Google's World Wonders Project Brings Ancient, Modern Sites Online

The project allows you to virtually tour 132 historic sites, including Stonehenge, Pompei, Shark Bay in Australia, and the palace at Versailles.

Verizon Doubling FiOS Internet Speeds

Verizon is upping its fastest FiOS download speed from 150Mbps to 300Mbps.

Prices of Laptops, Refurbished Tablets, HDTVs Falling Through the Floor

Laptop deals in June will be driven by the introduction of new models sporting Intel's Ivy Bridge processor.


Apple App Store Downloads Sink in April

Apple sees 5 percent drop in some iTunes App Store downloads just as the cost of grabbing loyal users jumps 12 percent.

Facebook Eyes Facial Recognition Firm for Purchase, Report

Facial recognition company,, is the latest takeover target by Facebook, according to reports.

SpokenLayer Aims to Give the Web the Power of Speech

Rather than tagging something to read later, you may be able to listen to it later with the help of a conversion tool from this startup.


Facebook vs. Porn: A Pocket History

The social network has checkered success rate against smut peddlers in court. Here's a recap.


Google Asked to Yank a Million Search Results a Month

Copyright owners want allegedly infringing links removed from search results in increasing volume, Google says.