IEEE approves WiGig, clearing way for faster wireless networking

WiGig is capable of transferring data at a blazing rate of 7Gbps

Technology advances won't pump up Ultrabook sales, analyst says

An app gap will be a drag on the popularity of Ultrabooks is the prediction.

T-Mobile said to be launching unlimited 4G data plan for prepaid users

Carrier to offer all you can eat voice, text and data for $70 a month.


Wayward security certificates raise question of SSL reliability

A Google security certificate was compromised, and although the error was caught and its usage is blocked, the breach is the latest sign that the widely used web security system may need revamping.

Image Credit: Louis Gray / Google+

Jelly Bean breaks the 10 percent mark on Android devices

After barely two months on the market, Google's newest version of its Android operating system, Jelly Bean, is running on 10 percent of Android devices. The Gingerbread version still dominates among the many editions on the market, however.

Sprint expected to launch prepaid service on January 25

The service will cost $70 a month for unlimited voice, text and Web


intel tv

Intel's TV service to miss CES debut over content delays

Intel has reportedly faced difficulty cutting deals with providers for the content portion of its offering.


intel tv

Intel prepares to launch combo cable and streaming TV service

The chip maker has reportedly found a way to skirt the snags with content owners and is expected to soon announce a set-top box that delivers a mix of streaming and cable programs.


Google spiked 50M searches in 2012

Millions of links scrapped by Internet search giant for alleged copyright violations.

Facebook adds photo drag-and-drop to desktop app

The giant social network makes sharing your photos on its site more convenient.


Giada announces compact ARM-based Android desktop

Giada, known for making downsized PCs, has announced two ARM-based desktop computers that will be shipping "soon" with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

After claiming Verizon attack, hacker and the spoils disappear

Hours after boasting about the theft of 3 million records from Verizon Wireless, the hacker claiming responsibility for the attack and the purloined data posted to Pastebin have disappeared from the Web. Verizon denies the data involved customer files, while a security expert says it was old.


Instagram update adds filter, tools after license kerfuffle

After a flap and reversal last week over revising its terms of use, Instagram has updated its service with new photo editing options and tighter integration with Facebook.


HTC and Nokia may both be prepping Windows RT tablets

Reports of Windows RT tablets coming from vendors other than Microsoft would mean competition for the Surface devices, but it would bolster the ecosystem by introducing more devices running the OS.


Google revamps Santa Tracker after NORAD teams with Bing

Google and NORAD had teamed up for years before parting ways this Christmas