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Crash-proof computer tactic revealed by UK researchers

Researchers at University College in London say they have developed a "systemic computer" that they say avoids crashes by enabling a computer to heal itself.

Possible Samsung smart watch rumors heighten smart-watch fever

Photos appeared on a South Korean message board that purport to be a smart timepiece made by Samsung.


Western Digital offers $69 media streamer with Netflix, Hulu, YouTube

Western Digital goes after the lower end of the streaming market with its economically priced WD TV Play set-top box.


Tech workers want Surface and iPhone, Forrester reports

A survey of information technology workers reveals that in this bring-your-own-device atmosphere, on top of the wish list are the Microsoft tablet and Apple's iPhone.

Microsoft's 128GB Surface Pro sells out within hours

Microsoft might finally have a hit on its hands, but it will need to step up its manufacturing to satisfy the would-be buyers left empty-handed upon the tablet's debut.


Microsoft launches campaign targeting Gmail's privacy policies

Microsoft also promotes its own webmail program,, in the campaign

Study finds racial bias in ads displayed on Google searches

'Black names' appear more likely than 'white names' to trigger arrest ads.


Anonymous posts personal data of 4000 bankers online

Personal information on some 4000 people in the banking industry, including bank officers, was posted online Sunday by the hacker collective Anonymous.

raspberry pi model A

$25 Raspberry Pi Model A ships in Europe and soon the world

HED: $25 Raspberry Pi starts selling in Europe, elsewhere soon Just as Henry Ford revolutionized the auto world with his Model A, the scrappy lot at Raspberry Pi are doing the same with the computing world.


Facebook adds news retrieval based on your assorted likes

Facebook is adding a news discovery function to its repertoire. Its new articles-related-to aggregation feature appears to exploit the popularity of apps like Flipbook, but it could also clog your news feed.


Oracle rushes out another Java update, fixing 50 vulnerabilities

Oracle says Java 7u13 addresses 50 flaws, many of which left systems vulnerable to remote exploits.

FTC report suggests ways to improve mobile privacy

A new Federal Trade Commission report recommends best practices for mobile operating systems, app developers, and ad networks.


Google maps North Korea using crowd-sourced data

Google relied on Map Maker, an online app that allows people from all over the world to contribute to making Google Maps

google privacy

Google vows to push legal reforms to protect user privacy

In recognition of Data Privacy Day, search giant Google spells out its efforts to protect and inform consumers about intrusions into their online lives.


Hands on with Swipp: Compare global opinions in real time

A new social networking service, Swipp, builds on Facebook to enable not only sharing opinions but quick, graphical comparisons with the rest of your network and the web.