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Facebook legal notice could get you cash, so don't trash it

If you received the recent legal notice from Facebook, you may be paid up to $10 as part of a settlement over Sponsored Stories dispute.


New video standard is expected to be a bandwidth buster

The emerging standard HEVC codec promises better, faster HD video without clogging wireless networks, and will ably support 4K TV.

google wifi

Google files with FCC to build experimental wireless network

Google has submitted an application to build a wireless network near its headquarters, but many details about the project are designated as confidential, so analysts are speculating about the company's plans.

Kickstarter darling Pebble launches its smart watch

Pebble announced Wednesday that its smart watch has finally begun shipping.


Sony looks to ultraslim Xperia Tablet Z to rebuild its cachet

Sony once had a reputation for building premium products that rivaled Apple's



RIM's plan to license its new OS: Pros and cons of the strategy

After a tough year, RIM is looking forward to launching BlackBerry 10, and now its CEO hints that the company might license the operating system to partners for use in non-RIM devices. Is this a good move?


Google expands encryption protection in Chrome browser

The search behemoth Google is following Mozilla and Apple in encrypting everyone's search queries, which will be implemented in the next version of Chrome.

Copyright suit pits Fair Use against unlicensed distribution

Civil rights groups argue against an AP lawsuit over use of its news, saying the ruling could restrict Internet innovation and affect time-shifting programming.

samsung galaxy note 10

Samsung is prepping a rival to Apple's 8-inch iPad mini, says report

Samsung appears to be challenging Apple's iPad mini with the Galaxy Note 8, an eight-inch tablet.

Netflix draws fire for Open Content campaign

Open Connect allows Netflix to increase the speed at which it can deliver streaming content



New Java exploit sells for $5000 on black web; possible threat to millions of PCs

Another previously unpublicized flaw in Java threatens the security of millions of PCs that may still have the application running on it.

Samsung Galaxy S II will get Jelly Bean update

The Jelly Bean upgrade will start in Singapore in February then gradually roll out to the rest of the world


san antonio bookless digital library

All-digital library system is planned for Texas community

Bexar County, which surrounds San Antonio, recently announced plans to establish a bookless library system called BiblioTech that will provide 10,000 titles and 100 e-readers.

mock android laptop

Touchscreen proliferation could open desktop to Android

As more and more PCs have touchscreens, door opens wider for Google's mobile operating system. Perhaps Android could challenge Windows on its own turf.